About Us

Our Mission

In addition to serving the local communities, our goal is to enhance the quality of life through engaging and actionable content. As a group, we are dedicated to improving the Dallas area to serve as an ideal location for all sorts of activities in the future. Almost all of our editors are located here and are active in the local communities where they live and work.

Since we are so passionate about our city, we will not hold back our opinions because “Dallas City News” signifies stature, elegance, and audacity. Our work is driven by a desire to show off, celebrate, and promote the best of our community. We will sometimes act as detractors, and at other times we will act as advocates. We are not politically affiliated with any group and have never been dependent on any partisan group for financial support.

To better serve our demographic, we strive to curate only the best content. Overall, there is nothing more fulfilling for us than to help our visitors know Dallas better.

Dallas City News
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