Dallas ISD campus awarded with Dallas Cowboys experience

The Food and Child Nutrition Services department recently joined together to celebrate the achievement of a Dallas ISD student who won the “Fuel Up to Play 60 Madden NFL 23 Open Tournament.” The purpose of the Esports tournament is to encourage kids to live a healthy lifestyle from a young age by teaching them healthy eating habits and the stressing the importance of physical activity.

Free of charge, the gaming tournament was available for all middle and high school students in the Dallas Cowboys’ viewing areas. Many schools participated in the competition ranging from Dallas to San Antonio. The competition invited students to test their gaming skills while also learning the importance of fueling their bodies with nutritious foods to maintain endurance during playing times.

Seventh grade student Quiterence Cotton, also known as “QT,” won a grand prize where he got the “Chance to Live Like the Dallas Cowboys for a Day” and attend a Dallas Cowboys game. In addition to the grand prize, sponsors from the Hubert Company awarded Dr. Fredrick Douglas Todd Sr. Middle School with a branded breakfast cart presented to them by Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, James Washington and their mascot Rowdy. In spirit of the school’s achievement, blueberry parfaits were served to the students and staff to commemorate their new gift and promote healthy snacks.

“We celebrated two things today, healthy nutrition and hard work,” said Michael Rosenberger, executive director of Food and Child Nutrition Services. “With the breakfast cart provided by Hubert, it enables us to be where the students are to serve them. We can ensure they get a healthy breakfast to start their day on the right foot, every single day throughout the school year.”


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