“Seize the Cure”-An Epilepsy-Awareness Movement by Singer/Actress Tara J. Gibson






    Seize the Cure was started in 2016 by Tara j Gibson a.k.a. TJ Vida Singer/actor/ radio host/ inspired by her son who has refractory epilepsy to spread epilepsy awareness Ms. Gibson is the founder and CEO of “Seize the Cure


    To make this event a success, we will need support in any and all material and information pertaining to Epilepsy, its treatment, its effects, etc. With the help of the Epilepsy Foundation, we hope to have a representative that will come offer awareness of the support available to families affected by Epilepsy. The following are requests needed to aid in supporting our event:

    1. Information on Epilepsy Foundation & support to children and parent (speaker/table/giveaways/ handouts ,etc.)
    2. All organizations with information on resources and/or programs available to patients with Epilepsy
    3. Vendors with resourceful information (health, scholarships, banking, medical insurances, etc.)
    4. Monetary and non-monetary donations
    5. Media coverage or services donated to advertise the event
    6. Donations (table & chair rental, decorations, food & drinks, paper goods, etc)

    For further information or to confirm your support measure for this event, please e-mail us at or you may contact us at (347) 797-8938.

    Mission statement 

    Seize the Cure” represents the mission in finding a cure for epilepsy which is the fourth most common neurological disorder in the United States. Our Family-based organization focuses on two components of epilepsy support: The child and parent; Thus inspired by personal experiences of the young man Who has severe refractory epilepsy and his mother who faces daily challenges as a result of his condition. Being able to relate to the individual suffering from the condition as well as the caregivers pressures and constant fear allows us to provide an accelerated level of support. And additional component to our Seize the Cure Objective in spreading epilepsy awareness is to incorporate music in our in our programs. By combining educational forms and entertainment, we can further assist  Our goals in embracing families dealing with the hardship of epilepsy, Offering general and critical knowledge on epilepsy, and provide all treatment options available. Seize the Cure will advocate by providing resources in our reach programs to assist with the specific needs of the family. Living with epilepsy is difficult and causes an array of dilemmas, but with sensitivity,  support, And knowledge for those suffering with epilepsy to live a life today to their fullest potential. In addition, seize the cure will be the guidance for strength encourage for parents so that they can support their child so the best availability.

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