Mausami Shrestha’s “Nepal Journey” to Launch State-of-the-Art Library






    Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia. Its location next to the picturesque Himalayas and in particular, its proximity to the world-famous Mount Everest, makes it a popular tourist and cultural attraction all year round. Its capital Kathmandu continues to capture the hearts and minds of people both far and near. But like any other country, Nepal has experienced its share of unique challenges including the 2015 mega earthquake that devastated its already-fragile economy. But this has not stopped enterprising minds from seeking innovative ways of reviving the country. One of the masterminds at the forefront of this rehabilitation venture is Mausami Shrestha, an illustrious and eminent social activist.

    Mausami Shrestha founded the “Nepal Journey” in 2015 as a non-profit charitable organization under Section 501(C) (3) of the United States. Its goal was to embark on an ambitious and relentlessly journey to help raise the living standards of Nepalese families and children. The strategy was to use education services as the springboard for this venture.  According to Mausami, here are a few of the main reasons why you should partner with the Nepal Journey:

    1. Humanitarian reasons

    Tragedy knows no boundaries and neither race nor nationality matter it strikes. The only thing that matters is our humanity. On April 25th, 2015, at 11:56 Nepal Standard Time, a 7.1 Richter scale quake struck Nepal leaving apocalyptic devastation in its wake. Skyscrapers, villages, businesses and private homes lay in ruins. Being an altruistic philanthropist, Mausami Shrestha could not sit idly by. She immediately went to Nepal and it was this experience that inspired the birth of the Nepal Journey Foundation. Since its inception, Nepal Journey has unwaveringly travailed as an advocate of the people of Nepal fueled by Mausami Shrestha’s fervent love and compassion for her community and humanity as a whole. Today, the organization accepts assistance from all.

    1. Assistance to orphaned children

    As can be imagined, the 2015 quake in Nepal created numerous orphans. Being orphaned is undoubtedly one of the most traumatizing events in any given child’s life. Yet, this is an inescapable reality for many children in Nepal, especially after the earthquake. When you donate financially to The Nepal Journey, the money goes a long way towards mitigating the plight of orphaned children in Nepal. All the donations are prudently distributed among old schools, old communities, and even the old neighborhoods. As part of this venture, the Library of Nepal Journey is providing free education for children including Yoga and martial arts classes.

    1. The Library initiative

    One of Mausami Shrestha’s most daring ventures is the building of the library for orphan’s/disable peoples in Nepal. She has an unwavering passion to eliminate illiteracy and illuminate the minds of the young, disabled, and underprivileged. This is another reason why your support will be greatly appreciated. Because of the earthquake and its economic and social impact, many in Nepal were forced to abandon their education. Mausami Shestha was moved with compassion and concern by launching this library as a way to ensure the academic needs of the disenfranchised in Nepal are not forgotten.

    The state-of-the art-library will be a beacon of light for the downtrodden and will offer a wide range of classes including computer lessons, photocopying services, wheelchairs, and more. After all, Mausami believes the disabled possess just as much worth and talent as any other person in society.

    Sharmila Lamichhane Nepal Journey
    “Nepal Journey” welcomes Sharmila Lamichhane as “PUBLICITY AMBASSADOR” of 3RD ANNUAL DINNER GALA NIGHT 2018“. This new team member has a Masters Degree in Rural Development and has been awarded a “Mrs. Intelligent” title at Mrs. Universal Nepal 2014. She’s the perfect example of brain and beauty. Her contribution will help further the cause of Nepal Journey around the globe. Welcome to the Team Sharmila.

    Click here to partner with Mausami Shrestha in this noble Nepal Journey

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