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    Air Quality Express offers the best Air Duct cleaning service in Dallas and surrounding areas.

    The benefits of breathing clean air cannot be understated. Today, numerous home and business owners continue to neglect air duct cleaning resulting in their homes and businesses becoming a safe haven for mold, house bacteria, germs, fungi, and even dust mites. A clogged and dirty air duct system will inadvertently result in the unclean air circulating around the home or business. This can ultimately become a health hazard. Many chronic ailments such as fatigue, persistent “allergies”, flu, respiratory issues, suppressed lung growth, asthma, heart disease can be attributed to prolonged inhalation of contaminated and polluted air emanating from an unclean air duct system. If you suspect your home or business is in need of a reliable and professional air duct cleaning service in Dallas, Air Quality Express immediately for a free consultation and no-obligation quote.

    Air Quality Express offers affordable yet professional air duct cleaning, furnace maintenance and dryer vent cleaning packages for residential and commercial alike. It is no wonder that the company has continued been acclaimed as one of the leading in the field and has accrued a stellar reputation as the go-to professionals in Dallas and surrounding areas when it comes to air duct cleaning.

    Air Quality Express offers Professional air duct cleaning in Dallas TX

    There is no disputing that all of us value the quality of the air we breathe. After all, breathing unclean air has been shown in numerous clinical studies to have an adverse effect on not only our respiratory systems but our overall health as well. Getting your home or business’ air duct cleaned should be a priority. If you or anyone you know is plagued with constant or repetitive bouts of common ailments such as allergies, unexplained headaches, fatigue, and the like, it could be caused by unclean air ducts. Contact Air Quality Express in Dallas immediately to schedule an appointment. The company also understands how urgent having clean air is. As such, they same-day air cleaning in Dallas and surrounding areas.

    If you contact Air Quality Express for professional air duct cleaning in Dallas, you can expect the following:

    The friendly technicians arrive on time and begin by cutting a hole in the duct proximate to the furnace. This facilitates a connection between the vacuum line and Air Quality Express’ truck. The next step involves preventing dust and dirt from escaping into your house. An air jet gun is then blown through the air duct causing the air duct ball to bounce around in the system, hitting every side and dislodging the debris. Upon completion of the work, a safe deodorizer is applied to every duct register (with customer’s approval).

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