Bartosz Beda One of the Most Promising Dallas Artists






    According to the Catlin Art Guide, Bartosz Beda is one of the most promising artists to hail from the UK in 2012. The Spokesman-Review has even compared him to young Picasso, Warhol, and Dali. Born in Poland, Beda began drawing and painting at a very tender age. He adds, “I always copied drawings and paintings of my older brother at age of seven. That was the time when I decided to be an artist”.  By the late twenties he had worked in a movie studio on short animations, one which received an Oscar Prize in 2008. Shortly afterwards, Beda enrolled at the Manchester School of Art to pursue further studies. In the process, he was awarded a scholarship to Dresden Academy of Arts. Later he won numerous art prizes both in the UK and the United States.

    Bartosz Beda’s art proficiency saw him launch solo exhibitions in Spain, Colombia, United Kingdom with his third solo exhibition to the United States in the works. He views this as a major milestone in his career. “It is a big time for me. I just finished my ten-weeks artist-in-residence in Reading, PA and now I am preparing for my solo exhibition in Mildred M. Cox Gallery, Fulton, MO. I have a little over a month to get everything ready.” This is all on top of his recent move to Dallas, TX.

    As a “rising star,” Bartosz Beda has been featured and even interviewed on the Guardian, The Independent, The Financial Times, NatWest, BuzzFeed.  “This year big things happened to me and the solo exhibition I am going to have will be in the biggest space I have ever exhibited. He decided to title his exhibition “Ten Starts From One.” He added, “These paintings are based on the performance of a Los Angeles-based artist John White in the 70’s. The performer’s art was my main inspiration for creating this body of work, which is a reflection on colors and shapes, as well as formal and informal interpretations of the way we perceive space and ourselves in that space.”

    Bartosz Beda’s unique painting style wet-on-wet-with-heavy-impastos. He places sizeable amounts of paint on the canvas after which he scrapes it across leaving intriguing and eye-catching textures. He is known for exploring impactful social and political issues and finding inspiration online including using notable snapshots from films and documentaries.

    Bartosz Beda has seen his sales in Europe skyrocket faster than his ability to resupply but this has not deterred him from being upbeat about the future: “…he has deliberately challenged himself to evolve his practice” according to MoneyWeek.

    “I want to inspire people and be inspired by them.”










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