Hanley Charity Auctioneers-A Hallmark of Excellence in Fundraising Charity Auctions in Dallas






    Since their inception, Hanley Charity Auctioneers have made it their core mission to offer charity auction hosting to non-profit groups and organizations including those based in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area. These include Dallas charity auctions, benefit auctions, fundraising auctions, and Gala auctions. Whether it’s at the Trees of Hope, Boy Scouts of America CAC, Cattle Barons Ball, Lago Vista Women’s Club, Missing and Exploited Children, St. Michael’s Catholic Academy or the Foundation For The Homeless, Hanley Charity Auctioneers has lived up to its mantra: do good while helping charities and organizations raise funds for worthy causes.

    Most of us have heard of the incredibly successful charity wine auctions in Napa Valley or other million-dollar Gala auctions in places like Naples and Destin FL. How about events like the Rare & Fine Wine Auction by the Wine and Food Foundation of Texas in Austin or A Vintage Affair in Tennessee raise $300K-$400K annually?  Hanley Charity Auctioneers seeks to bring the same level of excellence and success to Dallas-Fort Worth-area charity and fundraising auctions.

    Mike Hanley and Sheri Ramstedt Hanley

    Hanley Charity Auctioneers was founded by Michael P. Hanley, a 20 year veteran of the non-profit industry. He has been a force in the Real Estate and Charity Benefit Auctioneer realm since 2003. Known for his high-octane approach which fills the room with energy, fun, and a positive spirit during bidding events, Mike brings a highly-trained and top notch professional staff to Hanley Charity Auctioneers clients. He has also consulted with some of the best auctioneers in the country namely, Lauren Magli, Director of Events at Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation, Marshall Jones, the Executive Director, The Wine and Food Foundation of Texas, and Harvey Kronberg, a Texas Public Policy Analyst and Auctioneer for two of the Largest Wine Auctions in Austin Texas all of who have contributed their expertise to Michael and Sherri Hanley’s enterprise and experience.

    Sherri Ramstedt Hanley graduated from the North Georgia School of Auctioneering. She has a background in professional non-profit event planning and fundraising and currently handles consulting, contract negotiations, client relations, logistics and ring-work with Michael Hanley serving as the principal auctioneer for her company.

    Taking Fundraising Charity Auctions in Dallas to another level

    Looking to maximize your charity benefit auctions in Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington? Talk to Hanley Charity Auctioneers. They also excel at helping clients who have already conducted a charity auction event but failed to realize the desired results. The group also holds seminars geared towards clients who intend to hold charity benefit auctions or fundraising auctions in the Dallas area. These include a 1.5-hour event that focuses on item procurement, fun add-ons, timing, order, and placement. Then there’s a 3.5-hour seminar whose goal is to maximize client charity auction results. The focus of this particular seminar is budgets, crowd analysis, problem-solving and committee dynamics.

    For more information on Hanley  Charity Auctioneers, visit their website

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