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    Siham Gourmet Desserts located at Farmers Market on Saturdays and Sundays specializes in authentic, fresh Mediterranean Baklava, Varba, Dates Cookies, Harissa, Coconut Drops and more. The Mediterranean diet has been taunted as one of the world’s healthiest and most beloved.

    Need to reap maximum health benefits? The diet is abundant in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and olive oil in addition to fish and poultry which are lean sources of protein.

    Health and fitness enthusiasts have long held that a Mediterranean-style eating pattern is a key to improved weight loss, better control of blood glucose (sugar) levels and reduced risk of depression, to name a few. Eating Mediterranean has also been associated with reduced levels of inflammation, heart attack, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.

    Siham Gourmet Desserts offers scrumptious, beautiful, and surprisingly light, desserts that are sure to wow your taste buds. Here is a list of their best selling products:


    Customers of Siham Gourmet Desserts attest that Baklavas are the best they have ever tasted. They come in a very crisp, flaky and not-too-sweet flavor with just the right amount of honey that does not drown out the taste of the nuts. These come in three flavors: walnut, almond, and pistachio.

    Baclava by Siham Gourmet Dessert

    Roasted Beans

    Siham Gourmet Desserts customers are raving about their roasted beans which are loaded with protein but do not ignite allergies since they do not contain nuts. Need a delicious snack in the middle of a work day, at the movies or to serve to guests? Siham Gourmet Desserts’ roasted beans play the perfect part.

    Gluten-free coconut

    Crispy, fluffy and delicious Gluten-free Coconut is a popular feature of the Mediterranean diet and is one of the diets offered by Siham Gourmet Desserts.

    Coconut cookies from Siham Gourmet Desserts
    Coconut drops by Siham Gourmet Desserts

    Almond cookies

    These are delicious and highly popular due to the fact that they’re softer than Biscotti but loaded with natural California almonds.

    Almond cookies by Siham Gourmet Desserts
    Almost Sticks by Siham Gourmet Desserts

    Date cookies

    These delicious cookies have powdered sugar on top and are great to serve as a snack

    Date Cookies by Siham Gourmet Desserts
    Date Cookies by Siham Gourmet Desserts. For more information, contact us at

    Spinach Pies

    This delicious, mouth-watering treat features no meat and no dairy products.

    To Contact Siham Gourmet Dessert, please visit the booth at Farmers Market located at Garland Firewheel Farmers Market behind Macy’s at: 701 Horseshoe Dr, Garland, TX 75040 (Open Saturdays and Sundays)

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