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    One of the most fulfilling achievements of any immigrant is to make it into the United States and begin their journey towards achieving the American Dream. But sometimes, it’s not quite as straightforward. New arrivals are met with significant hurdles and must surmount daunting barriers before they can fully integrate into American society. One of those barriers is language. According to a recent statistic, one in every five immigrants coming into the United States hails from a country where English is not the predominant language. While there are numerous languages that are spoken in the U.S, failure to learn and understand English can hamper growth. This also applies to new arrivals to the Dallas area. Thankfully, the American Learning Institute (ALI) offers some of the best English classes in Dallas. Target students include:

    • New Visa Students
    • Transfer-in Students
    • Change of status students
    • Non-F1 student

    Immigrant English classes in Dallas

    take english classes in dallas

    While the U.S. is technically a multilingual country, learning English can go along way in helping a new arrival succeed in their career and daily life. That’s because English is the primary language spoken in most American businesses and enterprises. To this end, ALI has adult English courses available in Dallas that are best-suited to the needs of immigrants arriving from non-English-speaking countries. These are tailored to meet both the students’ schedules and educational goals.

    American Learning Institute English classes for immigrants in Dallas


    ALI was founded in Dallas in 2009 with the goal of offering an intensive English program aimed at helping students learn English and succeed in their academic goals. Since then, the institute has grown to provide high-quality intensive English classes including lessons on the American culture.


    American Learning Institute’s mission is to contribute to students’ aspirations and success by providing practical English language and communication skills training.

    English Classes at ALI

    The adult English classes at the American English Institute are geared to help students improve their understanding of the spoken English language. The courses are also engineered to develop and improve skills in reading and writing in English as well as exploring American culture, customs, attitudes, and common English phrases that are used every day. The goal is to help each student to reach their full potential.

    Classes feature:

    • 5 English levels
    • Morning and Evening classes
    • Student activities
    • Field trips
    • Internships
    • Legal Services

    Students enrolling at ALI can expect

    • To learn how to understand and speak English
    • Reading and writing in English
    • Polish their Grammar

    Why Choose ALI?

    Conveniently located in NW Dallas (next to the Walnut Hill DART Train station) the American Learning Institute is one of the best providers of adult English classes in Dallas. Students can expect to particulate in intensive English classes that are interactive and student-centered. The students are also prepared adequately to take the TOEFL-ITP exam. Students wishing to advance their careers in other areas are also welcome to enroll at ALI. To this end, the school has partnered with numerous reputable colleges and universities. Foreign students coming with Form I-20s can also receive legal assistance.

    How to apply

    Enrolling at ALI is easy. Visit their website, and on the navigation menu, select Apply. In the drop-down menu, select the option that best applies to you. The student is then taken to a page that further explains the application process and highlights the documents needed.

    Next year, ALI will be celebrating 10 years in business!

    American Learning Institute (ALI)

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