Dallas Residents Can Lower their Electric Bill Through’s Innovative Program






    With the cost of living rising steadily in Dallas, numerous households are on the lookout for ways to save money on everyday purchases. For middle-income families, the cost of energy can be daunting especially in the hot summers and cold winters. For many, lowering their electric bill has become a highly sought-after accomplishment.

    Deregulation of the Texas electricity market

    In January 2002, the Texas Senate passed a bill that allowed for competition among electricity providers. One of the benefits of this bill was to allow energy consumers to take control of their energy costs and choose the best electricity provider based on , among other factors, their rates. But deregulation has also meant customers have to weed through numerous energy providers with mountains of information. This can get confusing and some consumers have ended up making the wrong choice. A new company, WattDawg, aims to change all that by helping you save on your energy bill and lowering your electric costs.

    WattDawg is all about passing energy savings to the consumer all without compromising on the quality of service that Texas consumers get. With a proven track record spanning over 7 years, WattDawg has proven its loyalty by cultivating reliable relationships with quality utility providers thus passing significant cost savings for their clients. This is achieved by negotiating business deals that supply countless customers to power companies and in return gives their valued clients, a sure way of experiencing maximum savings by never overpaying for electricity again.


    WattDawg is all about energy efficiency and cost reduction especially in the area of your power bills. They have garnered extensive experience through their sister organization, Efficient Energy which has been at the forefront of commercial energy reduction for years. This partnership can now work for you to bring you real savings and solid financial returns all stemming from the deregulated utility industry. WattDawg’s state-of-the-art infrastructure consists of cutting-edge technology, a well-established business acumen, and personable relationship skills that are synergized to bring you the best cost savings for your money.

    The company conducts market research to uncover the best deals in the market. They then break down the information into a digestible format that everyone can easily comprehend. After all, it is in the fine print that the conventional energy giants tend to “hide” their fees and charges which later come back to haunt the customer. Need to start saving on your electric bill? Contact WattDawg

    For more information, contact WATTDAWG

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