Live Reverse Auction Platform

Attention all business owners of convenience stores,  grocery stores, factories, and other industries. Due to the deregulation of commercial electricity, the rates of electricity are available at very low and reasonable rates and help to reduce the monthly electricity bill to 30% to 40 % savings.

If we calculate the total savings of electricity bill in the period of one year and the length of the contract of 3 years to 5 years with the use of same quality of electricity just by switching to lower rates. This can result in getting savings equal to the price of a good car.

The organization is established on the wholesale system of comparison of various leading electric companies to give us the best and lowest rate in the market with the comparison of savings monthly and yearly. There is also a reverse auction system that is used to get the lowest bid of electricity for large organizations and chains of stores with the highest usage of electricity can get the lowest bid by sign in our online website:

A sales consultant is ready to get you the best and lowest rates – right now 713-459-4749, or  346-319-9484


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