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    Vernon Little has just released an amazing new single “The Chance To Tell You” off his new EP entitled “Double Minded.” Hailing from the Bronx, New York, Vernon Little is a Holy Hip-Hop artist releasing the best Gospel inspired Hip-Hop you will ever hear. It’s actually just great Hip-Hop, but because of it’s Gospel twist, Little has coined his own genre, Holy Hip-Hop. It works, the music is infectious, inspirational, fun, and has a great message to boot.

    Fans of Old-School Hip-Hop will really appreciate what Little is doing with his new music, bringing back everything that is wonderful about the Golden Era of Hip-Hop which for me is sorely missed. “The Chance To Tell You” is refreshing, and when listening makes sure to listen with an open mind, as it is Hip-Hop at it’s purest form, and should not be penalized because I mentioned the gospel messages in the lyrics. I know not everyone wants to listen to music that is preaching, but Little has found a way to do it that is not offensive to the non-believer, actually just sharing his relationship with God, as if he were just speaking with you in an everyday conversation. His skills are superb, and I hear a lot of different similarities to music greats for the past like Eric B. and Rakim, Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Too Short and many more…. he can spit with the best, and probably would be if the world was open to Hip Hop of a religious nature. He is releasing music true to his beliefs, and although he may never achieve superstardom status, he deserves to be heard, as if he were rapping about girls, money, cars, and sex he would probably have a number one hit on Billboard. Vernon Little is a truly talented artist and I am extremely happy about getting the opportunity to be exposed to his inspirational music.

    How cool is it that Vernon Little is actually a pastor? That makes his music all the cooler! I know that is terrible English but makes the point. What an amazing way to get the message about the Gospel out to the masses. He is surely talented enough to be a mainstream Hip-Hop artist but releases Holy Hip-Hop to share his life with the world, and in doing so is really giving back to the world, doing his part to make the world we live in a better place while trying to bring others closer to God. Truly an inspiration to all. Take a listen and download the new single “The Chance To Tell You,” as well as the entire EP “Double Minded.” Sit, relax and listen and let your mind truly listen to the message, the style, the flow and the delivery that this amazing artist is sharing to all who take notice and pay attention. It will be a wonderful experience for you that you will never forget. Thank You Vernon Little.
    by Eileen Shapiro

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