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    Cashback is a program, where a percentage of the amount spent is paid back to the cardholder. The cash back rate is from 1 to 10%. Plus, by each spending, you get shopping points, which can be used for exciting deals from cashback world loyalty merchants. One of the most famous companies involved is eBay, BOOKING, ASOS, MotoGP,…
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    Cashback World is an international and cross-sector shopping community that allows members to receive free and non-binding benefits every time they make a purchase from a Cashback Shop (partner company). What are the benefits of buying? Up to 5% reimbursement on the total amount of the purchase and on the points of purchase that can be used as part of the purchases of the Cashback stores. We provide a free loyalty card that will make you have the money back on all your purchases with partner companies, it’s that simple. Obviously, once you have created your interface, you can deliver the free cards to those around you and benefit from 0.5% on every transaction of the people who will appear in your “network”

    To summarize:
    Free card, real money on your daily purchases. 120,000 partner companies (online and physical) 11,000,000 customers to date. Present in 47 countries, including USA, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Hungary, Macedonia, Thailand, Australia, Romania, Poland, India…

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