Hilton Institute of Business Growth Workshop Want To Grow Your Business? Raise Capital? Increase Sales and Profit?






    Join J. Bradley Hilton and Our Team of Top American Business Growth Experts on February 24th – 25th in Dallas. 

    Over two days, the Hilton Institute of Business Growth Workshop will help you develop the critical skills and know-how to grow your business, raise capital, finance expansion, increase sales and profit and enhance enterprise value. Normally a $49.95 registration fee is required to attend, lucky for you, Legion Capital Corp is sponsoring the event and waiving general admission fees.

    It’s no secret that results come from action. The Hilton Institute of Business Growth Workshop focuses on innovative strategies for business growth, in the areas of general business and real estate entrepreneurship.

    Renowned entrepreneur J. Bradley Hilton and his team will be on site to personally train at this Business Workshop.

    This is a hands-on ‘get it done’ workshop running Saturday from 9 am – 5 pm and Sunday with breakout sessions from 9 am – 1 pm. If you want business results, you need attend.

    Here’s what you will learn:

    1. How to Raise Capital for Your Business
    2. How to Cross-Market and Expand Your Existing Business Lines
    3. How to Create Strategic Partnerships for Growth & Profits
    4. How to Access Public Markets for Capital
    5. How to Work with Venture Capital and Banks
    6. How to Attract Investors
    7. How to Use Social Media to Attract and Retain Clients
    8. How to Use Database Marketing For Long Term, Repeat Business
    9. How to Dominate on Google
    10. How to Tell Your Business Story and Connect with your Clients

    BONUS – Chosen attendees will have the opportunity to present their business to Venture Capital Investors Aka ‘Shark Tank’ style for real investments. During the course of the weekend, we will help you prepare for the presentation. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work directly with world-class business experts, marketers and finance experts.

    Our goal is when you leave our workshop, you will have an implementable plan for increased sales and revenue, profits and financing.

    Due to the hands-on nature of this event, we must strictly limit the number of businesses in attendance. Registration is first to come, first served. Let’s do this together. Register now. 

    Featured Trainers & Speakers

     Business Expert J. Bradley Hilton – President of Hilton Institute of Business and noted Venture Fund Manager. A member of the world-famous Hilton Hotels family and former Head of Information Technologies for Hilton Hotels, Mr. Hilton will work one on one with our VIP students to develop a growth and capital formation plan.

    Private Equity Expert James Byrd – Attorney, Entrepreneur, and Private Equity Expert. Mr. Byrd will work with VIP clients on capital formation and business growth strategies, including the use of cutting-edge corporate finance methods such as crowdfunding, 506(c) syndicated private offerings, Reg A+ offerings, IPO and Direct Public Offerings of equity and debt.

    Digital Marketing & Media Veteran Shane Hackett – Mr. Hackett will work directly with you to develop cutting-edge marketing strategies to exponentially grow and expand your business immediately. Learn from a marketing expert that has owned radio stations and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in both online and offline sales. His expertise in search engine marketing, social media, big data and demographic marketing will help you increase your top line sales and bottom line profits.

    Business Growth Expert Brian Cerbanka – Mr. Cerbanka travels the country to teach entrepreneurs and business owners how to expand their businesses and grow to profitability. His charismatic style is entertaining as he teaches personality buying traits, sales code, and the 9 best offers.

    Special Opportunities 

     Be sure to get one of these special opportunities when you select your tickets.

    VIP Reserved Seating [$29.95]
    Have reserved seating both days in the first 3 rows of the workshop. Workshops are typically standing room capacity and we highly recommend reserved seating.

    Lunch with J. Bradley Hilton 
    This can be a once in a lifetime experience to have lunch with J. Bradley Hilton on Saturday, February 10th. You will be at Mr. Hilton’s table to discuss business and ask any questions you may have. Lunch is included in price and space is limited to 10 VIP attendees.

    Dinner with J. Bradley Hilton 
    It’s dinner and drinks with J. Bradley Hilton on Saturday, February 10th. You will be at Mr. Hilton’s table to discuss how to grow your business and answer any questions you may have. Dinner and drinks are included in price and space is limited to 10 VIP guests. Dinner and drinks start about 6:30 pm.


    Call Michael Nickerson directly at 407-459-1978 or email him at

    See What Past Attendees Are Saying

     “If you want to rock your business, you need to get yourself to a Hilton Institute of Business event. They’re packed full of new and unique ways to build it bigger and better. Two thumbs up to the Hiltons!”

    Mark Miller, Registered Business Consultant
    CEO, Exclusive Business Solutions, Inc.

     “They walk the talk, talk the talk and walk the walk. There’s no better way to become successful than to hang around others who are successful. These folks have already done it before. They’re doing it again. And, now, they’re willing to take you with them! Don’t miss the bus!!!”

    Randy Weaver 
    Retirement Resource Network

    Click here for FREE General Admission Tickets:

    Copyright 2018. Hilton Institute of Business

    The Hilton Institute of Business is not associated with the Shark Tank and uses the phrase “Shark Tank” style to describe a business investor presentation session where select businesses will pitch their company to a group of venture capitalists and investors.

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