Natasha Douglas’ New Online Video Course – “Top 10 Principles to a Six-Figure Salary”






    Few can dispute the fact that the cost of living has been rising steadily and it seems like its getting harder to make ends meet for the average family.  In the United States, the 2016 income-per-capita was reported as being around $58,000 dollars a year. While this is decent by global standards, a lot of families are still finding it hard to break even given the exorbitant cost of housing,  transportation, college, and food in many cities. In lieu of this, many financial experts have recommended a decrease in spending. While this is easier said than done, none would argue that the alternative option, increasing one’s income, appears more attractive. For many, earning a six-figure income would move the dial from living on the edge to living a truly fulfilled life. The only problem is, most people just can’t seem to find a path to a six-figure salary. Moreover, only a slim percentage of the population possesses the knowledge on how to strategically position oneself for that kind of income. Thanks to Natasha Douglas, MBA, this doesn’t have to be you anymore.

    Natasha Douglas’ video lays down the top 10 principles for securing a six-figure salary

    How would you like to be able to live an above-average life? This means being able to live in a safe, pristine neighborhood, drive a top-range car, take your kids to private school, pay your bills on time and still have enough to save and invest? For many, a six-figure salary is out-of-range. In this highly recommended video course, Natasha Douglas gives a detailed account of everything you need to know to break the glass ceiling and land a six-figure job despite your current economic status.

    For Natasha, the journey has been personal and inspiring. Today, she is the founder of Natasha International LLC. In the video, she narrates how, after emigrating from the French Caribbean at the tender age of 20, she rose from a nanny position to move up the corporate ladder to a VP position. This financial mentorship video has been termed “…one of the most professional development videos available”. In the video, Natasha details her journey towards success in a concise and methodical manner that anyone regardless of skill level can follow and emulate. It includes tips on how to take action regardless of your current economic circumstances and how to develop the focus and tenacity needed to stay the course and accomplish your goals.

    The highly-rated video is available for immediate download on her site.

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