New App Classifiedeals Could Use Beta Testers and Your Valuable Feedback







    First off, thank you for your taking the time to help us improve the app! We really appreciate it!

    We’re in the process of finalizing the app and we need to make sure everything is functional and practical.

    Think of it as an app in the same group as LetGo, OfferUp, 5miles, and Craigslist. You will be able to view and post listings to buy and sell items or look for employment or employees.

    You can add dummy listings at any time to try out any functions.

    No need to download or purchase anything, I promise you we are NOT trying to sell you anything, we are just looking for your honest opinions. Please click the link for the mobile website of the app and when you are done just click the link underneath it to take the survey.

    Feel free to be as detailed as you would like to, the more feedback we receive the better. All feedback is important, anything from the colors you would like to see in the app to any extra functions you would like us to add.

    There are two links below, the app then the survey.



    Once again, THANK YOU very much for your time, your help and opinions are GREATLY appreciated! 🙂


    Feel free to email me at for any questions you may have.

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