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    Instagram is awesome! You love it, we love it, we love that you love it. However, at times, inspiration takes a hiatus and posting interesting, vibrant pictures becomes a challenge. Instead of recycling the same content from last week (how many brunch pics is too many–asking for a friend), let us help. It was tough, but we picked seven of the MANY (seriously, so many) amazing murals decorating the streets of Dallas that are sure to spice up anyone’s feed!

    Cactex @adivadill

    (Phot Cred)


    The eclectic AF workshop Mini-Fab in Oak Cliff commissioned a mural by Dallas artist Wheron that’s begging to go on your social media (guys, it’s titled with a hashtag); and if this isn’t aesthetically pleasing, then we don’t know what is! The black and white color scheme is perfect for any Insta feed and the blend of cartoon skeletons, cacti and pineapples, I mean C’mon! Go snap a cool pic, and pick up an equally as cool gift while you’re at it!

    Find it at Mini-FAB,  718 W. Davis St. Dallas Tx, 75208

    colorful diamnods

    Colorful Diamonds

    (Phot Cred)

    The bright colors and contrasting black lines of this diamond mural by Thornton Jeff and Miguel Barajas are making our edgy, artsy Insta-dreams come true. Painted on the side of the Whippersnapper bar next to High Fives, it makes a great backdrop for your Friday night out photo, but the lighting is better in the early morning and the mural is just steps away from Houndstooth Coffee so don’t rule out an AM photo; because honestly, if you don’t Instagram your latte art, did it really happen?

    Find it at the Whippersnapper, 1806 McMillan Ave, Dallas TX 75206

    le soliel

    (Phot Cred)

    Mural of the Sun

    Deep Ellum is crawling with street art! This sun burst painting is one of the most recognizable murals in the area and we understand why. It’s huge with bright, warm colors and feels something like the final scene of an old western movie (without all the dust and guns.) This is the perfect backdrop for a group photo, so grab your crew and post some #squadgoals. 

    Find it at 2606 Swiss Ave, Dallas, TX 75204

    good morning dallas

    (Phot Cred)

    Good Morning Dallas

    This wall does not get enough credit. It’s pastel, whimsical, and located on the side of the Dallas Contemporary! Make a day out of it and visit the industrial-style art gallery, because we’re sure there are more photo ops inside. You can even be ironic about it and post a pic of this wall at night; we don’t care, it’s your prerogative.

    Find it at the Dallas Contemporary, 161 Glass St, Dallas, TX 75207

    american flag

    (Phot Cred)

    American Flag

    It’s been said (we’re sure) that it’s every Dallasites civic duty to snap a pic in front of the American flag painted off of Commerce Street.  Also in Deep Ellum, this mural lives on the side of St Pete’s Dancing Marlin and although the street parking can make it a challenge to get the perfect picture, it’s possible! Plus it’s walking distance from a handful of other really cool murals, bars and restaurants. Don’t feel limited to the 4th of July for a patriotic post; but if you just so happen to be in Deep Ellum on the 4th, make it happen, #merica!

    Find it at St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin, 2730 Commerce St. Dallas TX 75226

    i love tacos

    (Phot Cred)

    I Love Tacos So Much

    We’re not sure if you can call it a mural, but it’s rad and relatable. Next time you’re in Uptown craving tacos (so like, tomorrow), stop by Urban Taco and snap a pic in front of the “I love Tacos” selfie wall by Luis Muñoz. According to an article in the Dallas Observer, every selfie taken in front of the piece tagged #ilovetacossomuchdallas and #urbantaco will be matched by a $1 donation from Urban Taco to the Ronald McDonald House! So go ahead and selfie for a good cause, but it’s probably best to do it before you get your nom on and the food coma sets in.

    Find it at Urban Taco, 3411 McKinney Ave. Dallas, TX 75204

    colorful pentagons

    (Phot Cred)

    Graphic Colorful Pentagons/Diamonds

    This amazing mural by Ricardo Paniagua in West Village uses color to create dimension, and we’re in love with it! It’s bright, funky and totally worthy of your next profile picture (new pic, who dis?) We don’t have to tell you that West Village has a lot of really cool shops, eats, and entertainment goin’ on, but if you needed another excuse to check it out, this is it!

    Find it at the parking lot behind LOFT, 3699 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX, 75204

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