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    With the holiday season in full swing, it is likely that you are having more friends and family visiting your home, and you might even be planning to throw a festive holiday party and fill your home with guests. This is the perfect time of year to embellish the interior of your home and make it more luxurious. Read on for recommendations on how to make your home even more elegant for the holiday season.

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    Invest In A Chandelier

    A home is never as luxurious without a chandelier. If you want to blow people away with the opulence of your home, a chandelier provides dramatic beauty as well as great lighting. Today’s chandeliers are definitely different than the kind from your grandmother’s era. The basic design remains the same, but a lot more creativity and styles have modernized this timeless home fixture. There are even mini-chandeliers which have less of a jaw-dropping effect but add romantic style to any room in your home. Traditionally for dining rooms, chandeliers are now used in foyers, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and family rooms. Make sure the size of your chandelier coordinates with the room it lives in, don’t put a gigantic one in a huge room, and if you are hanging one in a great room, make the splurge and go big. It will look amazing.

    Turn Unused Space Into A Wine Cellar

    If you do not already have a wine cellar, you probably have some kind of unused space either under the stairs, in your basement, or even just a storage space in your home that could be turned into a beautiful wine cellar This will add value to your home if you ever decide to sell and in time mean time can inspire you to pursue a new hobby of wine collecting. Even if that isn’t your thing, it will impress your dinner guests when you have them over for dinner. Give them a tour of your gorgeous home and show them your new wine cellar. If the wine cellar is large enough, make sure to put a table and some chairs for wine tastings This is a great place to have private talks or get some alone time.

    Add A Water Fountain

    This is an amazing way to add a relaxing and beautiful piece of interactive art to your home. An indoor water feature or even a waterfall will automatically make your home more luxurious. People visiting your home will be shocked that you had the creativity and insight to add the element of water into your home. Water sounds inspire relaxation and even help people sleep. Whether you have an empty space on a wall or in the middle of a room there are water fountains that can be the perfect addition to the composition of your decor and add a natural element.

    Fireplaces Are Essential

    If you do not have a fireplace, you need to have one installed in your home as soon as possible. These are one of the best ways to add a feeling of warmth to your home (of course it adds physical warmth as well). The holidays are just not the same without a roaring fire in your home and an additional bonus is you can save on heating costs. Make sure you invest in a huge, elegant mantle that you can display things on like holiday decorations, your trophy collection, and family photos.

    If you use any of these suggestions and add any of these things to your home it will be an instant luxury upgrade.  Impress all your guests and more importantly make yourself happy by creating a beautiful environment that you love to live in. With upgrade like this you will never want to leave, but if you do end up selling your home these features will add a lot of value.

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