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FORT WORTH, Texas — The violent crime spree started in the apartment of a Fort Worth mother who is still in shock about what happened. Bennie Renee Jackson has lived in the same location for more than 10 years and has never witnessed such violence.
“I am still nervous. I am still scared,” said Bennie Renee Jackson.
More than 24 hours after a deadly crime spree, Jackson and her son are trying to make sense of it all. 
Jackson told WFAA on Wednesday afternoon her boss convinced her to invite a new employee to her apartment. Her boss, she says, wanted them to meet since they would be working together. After she agreed to invite him over Jackson says her boss paid for a ride-share vehicle to pick him up and drop him off at her address.
Jackson said, “He walked in, we introduced ourselves to each other. My son and my neighbor were playing dominoes and he joined in.”
But Jackson explained that her new coworker, 38-year-old Chassity Lavell Brooks, suddenly attacked their boss. She insists that the attack was unprovoked.
“I can’t tell you why, He just grabbed him,” said Jackson. “He grabbed him around his neck and started cutting him. I ran for my son and my neighbors’ help.
Minutes later, surveillance cameras recorded a driver crashing through a Camp Bowie West Boulevard game store. Police say Brooks was behind the wheel. 
The car slammed into 45-year-old Jeff Mazurowski. Paramedics rushed him to the hospital, where he passed away. 
Then Brooks reportedly drove a few blocks away where police say he struck 57-year-old Lailani Snell at a bus stop. She also died. 
Investigators say Brooks stole another vehicle from a Jiffy Lube.
Jackson said, “A friend called me, and they remembered what he had on and said that is the same guy that was in your house.”
After a high-speed chase officers arrested Brooks. His criminal history includes controlled substances, robbery and assault – all a surprise to Jackson.
“He could have taken his life, he could have taken my life and my sister’s life,” said Jackson. “We were not expecting anything like that.”
Now, Jackson is in the process of trying to save her place of residence. Because of the incident inside her apartment, she has reportedly received an eviction notice from the property managers. 
Jackson shared that she believes her apartment of 10 years-plus is under a contract with Housing Urban Development. She hopes to explain that she had nothing to do with the crime spree and had no knowledge her guest would be the subject of a police investigation.
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