Canadian Hip Hop Maestro Blow_Flyy Set to Rock the Hip Hop Space






    In the vastly diverse hip hop genre, few artists are able to capture the essence of inspirational music than Canadian rapper Blow Flyy who brings a unique flavor to the mix. Already, his new album “Born to Dream” is causing quite a stir and is geared to make quite a statement. The hit single “Road Warrior” has begun to garner a lot of accolades and has left us with no option but to conclude that Blow Flyy is here to stay.

    Blow Flyy born to dream

    If you’re like many of us, you’ve surely turned on the radio, heard a really cool hip hop joint but been immediately turned off by the vulgarity and sexist lyrics which glorify the gangster lifestyle. If only more artists produced inspirational hip hop that is not only candy to the ears but supremely danceable. Blow_Flyy steps into that musical vacuum and appeals to a wider audience eager to tune into clean inspirational jams.

    Canadian rapper Blow_FlyyIt goes without saying that anyone serious about the direction of inspirational hip hop should pay close attention to Blow_Flyy’s “Born to Dream”.  Blow Flyy totally hip hop by elevating clean, catchy inspirational rhymes that illustrate a thorough grasp of current issues affecting our communities. His music is now available for purchase in most major streaming sites with a unique touch that never disappoints. Tracks like “We both dreamers”  transcends both gender, class, and age with a unique flavor to hip hop.

    The music is further accentuated by the absence of vulgarities which is a major boost to those who want to anoint family events with the latest in the relevant hip hop. in the lyrics means the music can be played at any venue. This explains the hip hop industry has taken notice.

    Blow Flyy’s continue to garner accolades especially owing to his debut recording, “Born to Dream” which is laced with impressive tracks and thoughtful compilations. It’s not a stretch of the imagination that Blow_Flyy will remain a relevant and popular fixture of the inspirational hip hop street culture and become an influencer of the art form.

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