JAZZGROUPIEZ Leads a Modern-Day Jazz Rennaissance (Dallas)






    No one can dispute the fact that jazz music is easily one of the most recognizable genres of its kind and can be termed as a hallmark of the American musical scene. Since the 1920s, Jazz has gone on to become a mainstream culture not only of the deep south but of each major US city and beyond. We can say it has morphed into its sub-culture rightly being labeled as “one of America’s original art forms”.

    The music incorporates popular musical elements of African-American and European-American sounds including cross-cultural infusions of bass, trombone, and the saxophone. While jazz as a musical art form has continued to thrive in and outside the United States, many have wrongly associated it with the older generation, effectively relegating the younger crowds to pop, R&B and Hip-Hop. But jazz is equally popular with millennials and the younger generation and to advance this notion, JAZZGROUPIEZ was formed.

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    JAZZGROUPIEZ ‘s music is a savory mix of jazz-based themes blended with elements of soul and hip-hop to produce a new hybrid sound that transcends race and culture. Their new EP is titled “millinaissance” and is set to release in late 2017 and on vinyl in 2018. The group is currently working on a music instrument giveaway for this holiday season to accommodate future jazz lovers (check our Instagram for updates coming soon).

    JAZZGROUPIEZ has also sought to educate its younger generation including millennials on jazz’s rich cultural history, and how they too can become part and parcel of its future.

    Jazzgroupiez Mission

    JAZZGROUPIEZ wants to reignite a passion for jazz and expand its reach within all sectors of society especially the millennials. Their sound is improvisational, experimental, and most importantly, really cool to listen to. Some have termed it, a rebirth of jazz. The goal is to bring excellent jazz music to passionate fans around the country and the world. JAZZGROUPIEZ  also has a website that offers interviews with emerging and established artists, as well as articles detailing their adventures in the world of jazz. Watch great jazz music curated from the best in the industry including swinging sounds of the Big Bands and the classic era of Bebop, through the more modern styles of Smooth Jazz, Current Jazz, and today’s Contemporary Vocalists. They’ve also featured some of the best names Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, and Bossa Nova. JAZZGROUPIEZ also specializes in offering jazz niche music genres that are hard to find anywhere else.

    When it comes to the rebirth of jazz, their aim is to recapture the charm of the entire jazz culture while expanding its reach to include an even younger generation. There is no reason not to appreciate the artistry of luminaries like John Coltrane.

    One element of JAZZGROUPIEZ that seeks to keep it totally real is the love for LIVE jazz. This oftentimes a road trip or a plane ride is in order to catch up with favorite artists. It is the belief that Great jazz, will travel.

    The founder of JAZZGROUPIEZ  grew up in a musical household where Jazz music was an integral part of everyday life. His siblings were exposed to a wide array of sounds available from their father’s extensive collection of vinyl records. Tracks such Coltrane’s “Love Supreme,” Monk’s “Round Midnight” and others had such a profound effect on him while growing up. Several years ago, he embarked on a jazz adventure around the country with his favorite jazz acts. From the Bistro in St. Louis to see the first of many Robert Glasper shows, Milton Suggs at Andys in Chicago then up to The Jazz Gallery NYC (former location on Hudson) for Gretchen Parlato. I’ve some of the best. However, I know there are still so many more artists waiting to share their stories through song and so many fans anxious to hear them.

    Visit JAZZGROUPIEZ ‘s website for amazing interviews with emerging and established artists, as well as articles detailing our adventures in the world of jazz. And we want to hear your stories too! Share them and your photos with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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