Innovative Artist “Rejuvenated Observant Wise’s 2018 Album “Complicated” Set to Rock the Airwaves






    New York-based hip hop recording artist Formally known as MellyRow Stackz, (born Jamaal M. Kennedy) now known as Rejuvenated Observant Wise started writing music at the tender age of ten and recording songs of his own in his early teens.  MellyRow was inspired to pursue a career in the recording industry by watching his uncle, the legendary hip-hop recording artist/master beatboxer Doug. E. Fresh, and his older brother Mansone Batez.

    Performing at various spots and releasing singles on his own sparked a huge buzz in the streets of New York, which lead to him being offered a deal with the independent label Cee-Lo Records.  While signed to the label, MellyRow had many tremendous milestones in his career such as sharing the stage and rocking the mic alongside some of hip hop’s heavyweights at the time including Ja Rule, DMX and Method Man.  After experiencing a few personal situations that had a direct effect on his productivity in the music business, MellyRow was eventually dropped from Cee-Lo Records.  During his hiatus, the young artist used that time to regroup and was soon later blessed with the opportunity to sign with Woodz Ground Entertainment.

    After ending his relationship with Woodz Ground Entertainment, Melly decided to take a step back, perfect and Master his skills as an artist, and learn more about the business so that he wouldn’t repeat some of the situations, as well as mistakes of the past.  Soon after, MellyRow connected with producer Marko, to orchestrate his popular mixtape titled Wild Style that earned him well over $250,000 in sales.  The success of the mixtape catapulted Mellyrow to another level in his career.

    In 2014, coming off the success of the Wild Style Mixtape, MellyRow met singer Tara Gibson aka Tj Vida his soon-to-be partner.  Vida, fed up with the politics of the industry and the shadiness that goes on behind closed doors as well as reflecting on her own personal experiences, was a little hesitant to continue with pursuing a career in music as well as signing yet a new deal, however, Melly continued to work closely with Vida, encouraging her every step of the way and after building trust with Melly’s uncle, producer and CEO of DiggyDime Music Group, Shaka El Bey, Vida was ready to enter the game again, this time as the rapping/singing duo Diverse Gravity.  Under the group name Diverse Gravity, the talented team of two released their critically acclaimed single “Katz Jealous” through DiggyDime Music Group which gained the group a lot of new fans through the world wide web and social media.

    While the fans were eating up their popular “Katz Jealous” smash single, the label released the follow up titled “Vida’s Song”, a very deep, emotional song that shows the comparison between true love and being in an abusive relationship.  With the song speaking heavily on the topic of domestic violence, it gained the group an even wider following as well as more publicity.  The group and song were featured in Hip Hop Weekly, Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes, and got plenty of spins on radio stations such as 101.9 Kiss FM, Fans Radio 916, Power 105, 106.1, Uti Radio, Heat From Da Street Radio, Tru Radio, and many more!  As their music spread, and grew so did the relationship between Vida and MellyRow.  Diverse Gravity continued to make moves, perform at numerous showcases around the country, performing at the JRTM 5 Boro Tour and the performances lead to many lucrative opportunities.  The head promoter and CEO of the Bomb Baby Experience Radio Show took the group under his wing, showed them both the ropes, and making them administrators for Bomb Baby Events.  All this lead to Diverse Gravity launching their own radio show, Diversified Radio under Street Wire Radio.

    While the two wore many hats and juggled many positions within the recording industry, Diverse Gravity also accomplished many things, not only behind the scenes but as artists in the forefront as well.  DG, won numerous awards, one being at The First Annual Bronx Unsigned Artist Award Show in 2016 for Best Song of The Year, the duo won two more awards at The Queens Free Expression Open Mic Award Show in 2016.  Diverse Gravity was also nominated in the category for Hip Hop in the 4th Annual Rising Stars Magazine Awards show in Dec. of 2017.  Another milestone in the same year was that Diverse Gravity was one of the featured acts in the “In My Bag” Hot 97 Edition and was given a cosign from Hip Hop Mike from Hot 97 on their stellar performance.

    Riding the wave of their newly found success, Diverse Gravity released a highly praised single and short film to accompany the single titled “Flatline”, which chronicles the story of how Vida was on her deathbed from a bullet to her chest, as a result of Melly choosing to live the street life.  The message was strong and put an emphasis on those who decide to live the street life and the consequences of living such a dangerous life.  Diverse Gravity has a series of collaborations with other artists as well, and in addition to expanding their fan base by working with various artists across the nation, the two also gained more recognition in the world outside of entertainment by their humanitarian work.  Vida’s son Maliq suffers from Refractory Epilepsy and Vida, along with MellyRow has worked closely with nonprofit organizations to help those that suffer from all forms of epilepsy.  In 2017, Diverse Gravity organized a benefit concert titled Seize the Cure to raise money and awareness of those whose lives have been affected by the condition. Tj Vida is now the Founder and CEO of seizing the cure January of this year MellyRow Released “Complicated” a very deep song with a powerful message dedicated to all those living with epilepsy and to raise awareness for it. The song was inspired by Tj.vida’s son Complicated Reached 2million play on SoundCloud in his first two months


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