Is There a Difference Between the Laws of Attraction and Positive Thinking?






As positive thinking has gained prominence, several businesses have tried to capitalize on this astonishing discovery. This has led to a new era of “subliminal products” that retailers profit from by overcharging.

This is what sets subliminal messaging apart from the law of attraction. Simply put, none exists. To maximize the law of attraction’s power, you only need to think about it. You don’t need a tutor to use it; once you understand the essentials, you’re ready to use it.

This cannot be said about many other subliminal programs available on the market. These programs claim to help consumers lose weight, quit smoking, improve their intelligence, get a new job, overcome shyness, and improve relationships. Do they work? No way. The law of attraction is the only unconscious process that ensures success in every endeavor.

Many More Subliminal Programs

Naturally, learning about different subliminal programs and positive thinking is a part of studying the law of attraction. So you may compare them and see why only the law of attraction has been constantly established (regardless of what the researchers would have you hear).

1) Subliminal Messages

Of all subliminal manipulation techniques, the message was the first to spark controversy. As long as memories can be retrieved from the subconscious to the conscious mind, believers in subliminal messaging believe the subconscious must be influencing the conscious mind.

Subliminal messages use many methods to send ideas to the subconscious, which will then convey them to the conscious mind when the time is right. This is achieved by giving a brief (usually a thousandth of a second) aural or visual input. The conscious mind will quickly disregard this message as irrelevant, but the subconscious will gather and store it.

Subliminal messaging was invented in the late 1800s and exploited as a marketing approach in the 1950s. A tachistoscope projected the words “Drink Coca-Cola” and “Hungry? Eat popcorn” for 1/3000 of a second at five-second intervals during a film screening in Mr. James Vicary’s New Jersey theater, he claimed.
Coca-Cola (en)

This sparked a significant debate among Americans who feared the government would now try to influence their ideas and actions through subliminal communications, preventing them from intervening because they would never know. This controversy led to a ban on subliminal marketing messages.

Despite Mr. Vicary’s later admission that the experiment was a sham, the concept of subliminal messaging was widely discussed, but no clear evidence that it is a useful tool for behavior modification.

2) Assertion

Unambiguous declaration of truth, intended to persuade the mind that what it desires will occur. For example, repeating “I can get any job I want” builds confidence in the mind to go out and get any job desired. Similar to the law of attraction, but insufficient to alter the subconscious without other methods.

Wikipedia defines affirmation as (this was interesting, showing very well how affirmation and the law of attraction are joined together, and would not have been the same if it was altered in any way).

According to Wikipedia, “An affirmation is a sort of autosuggestion used in spirituality and personal development that involves mentally repeating a phrase about a desired goal or state of the world or the mind.” Many devotees recommend that recitations be supplemented by mental imagery.

Depending on the affirmation’s psychological depth and wisdom, it might be interpreted positively as mobilization of inner resources or negatively as self-induced brainwashing. “I am building more room for success in my life every day,” believers can say, than “I will win the lottery today!” This means that the affirmation is always stated in the first person and is typically written in the present tense (“I am”) rather than the future tense (“I shall”).

A very powerful approach to altering the subconscious mind is affirmations. They seem to work best when repeated in a peaceful, relaxed state of mind and body, with the desired outcome vividly experienced in the mind and the subsequent feelings felt. They are part of I AM Activity and Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s Church Universal and Triumphant. In order to enhance participants’ “vibratory levels,” affirmations are typically read in flat, mechanical tones at high speed and volume.

The phrase “Amen,” which means “thus be it” or “and so it is,” is perhaps the most widely used and recognized affirmation. The word itself is context-neutral and displays a logical affirmation rather than a spiritual one.

3) Display

You visualize yourself completing something and your brain begins to believe it is true, thus you will be able to accomplish it. Like the law of attraction, this ignores any underlying problems that might contribute to bad sensations.

Finally, while the law of attraction’s force has yet to be physically proven, its effects have. You, too, may unleash the power hidden inside the depths of your own mind and create your own road for destiny if you carefully follow the principles presented.

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