Why Speed Dating is Becoming Increasingly Popular






Speed dating has become increasingly popular due to its ability to reduce the amount of time spent searching for the right partner. People have flocked to speed dating in record numbers because it takes away some of the pressure that comes with looking for a mate.

Nowadays, finding the “ideal” spouse has become so important that a flood of dating services have popped up to help singles in their quest. People can “vet” potential dates using a variety of dating apps. The idea is that you can figure out if you have a good enough match before going out on a date. A popular approach is “speed dating,” which brings singles together quickly. For the most part, it’s a technique for meeting a large number of potential suitors in a short amount of time (from three to five minutes, usually).

Speed dating after COVID 19

Depending on the turnout, a speed dating event can bring a person face to face with anywhere from a handful to over twenty people. Equal numbers of men and women should be present at a mixed-gender speed dating event in theory, with each gender’s attendees sitting down at separate tables. After that, they will each be visited by a possible love interest, who will have a limited amount of time to ask them questions and learn more about their interests. A tick or a cross will be placed next to the name of the “date” after each “visit.” Their responses are then sent to the speed-dating site, and anyone who earned a tick will be able to set up another date. After then, everything is up to them.

If you’re looking for a partner in the dating process, you may be afraid to approach someone who may or may not be “available.” They could be single, in a relationship, on a dating break, or looking for someone else new. Even if their reason for denying the opportunity is perfectly legal and non-offensive, being turned down still stings. At a speed dating event, everyone is there to meet a new love interest. So, it’s really up to them whether or not they want to pursue a romantic relationship with you. Acceptance is difficult, but at least the situation is clear.

As an added benefit, speed dating gives you the opportunity to meet someone in person and determine if you click before going on a “real date.” If you and your date don’t “connect” on your first date, it can be an awkward and traumatic experience for both of you. Before you waste time and money on unrealistic expectations, try speed dating to see if there’s any spark there.

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