Revolutionary Travel Money Belt & Waist Pack With RFID Blocking, Waist Bag, Bottle Holder






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    We all agree that traveling can be a hassle that is complicated even more by the inefficient and ineffective way in which we pack our travel wares. Bags upon bags of all kinds of stuff can be costly not to mention cause long delays at airports, train and bus stations, even hotel lobbies. This is because until now, there hasn’t been an innovative, yet stylish, and affordable travel pack that boasts a wide range of comfort and safety features. Introducing the Style in Travels’ Travel Money Belt and Waist Pack.

    This travel money belt and waist pack take carryon convenience to another level. It sports 4 main zipper pockets, 1 bottle holder, an adjustable waist size 23’ to 55’ (meaning almost anyone can benefit), phone holder, complete RFID travel pouch, and earphone hole. Additionally, the waist pack is made of durable, high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear for the foreseeable future. Truly, no competitor even comes close. Let’s review the features in greater detail:

    Greater carrying capacity and space

    This comes in the form of 4 zipper pockets which are not only spacious but completely discreet. This means sensitive personal items such as passports, driver licenses, phones, keys, and even money can be conveniently and safely transported.

    All-in-one money belt and waist pack

    The Style in Travels’ Money Belt and Waist Pack is one of the most convenient additions to your travel paraphernalia. It’s also very flexible. Its flexibility and versatility mean it can be worn either over or under one’s clothing.

    State-of-the-art safety features

    It’s no surprise that today’s criminals are more innovative and daring than ever. That is why the Style in Travels’ Money Belt and Waist Pack comes with complete RIFD blocking. RIFD skimming is a new technique where criminals steal personal credit card information electronically. They do this by hacking into the radio frequency ID chips embedded in most of today’s credit cards and IDs. The Money belt from Style in Travels gives you complete peace of mind in knowing your personal information is safe from hackers and electronic thieves.

    Stylish and comfortable

    In addition to all this, the Style in Travel Money Belt and Waist Pack is lightweight, easy to carry and store and most of all, looks very stylish and trendy. Whether you’re dressed formally or casually, the money belt totally accentuates and compliments your overall look.

    Finally, Style In Travel offers 100% satisfaction guarantee ensuring your investment is totally risk-free.

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