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Southlake Bloggers Who Make Us Double Tap.
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March 3, 2021
4:00 AM
Influencers do more than post pictures of their food and shoes; they create communities, building connections through various online platforms. These six Southlake Instagrammers and bloggers have opened their phones, and lives, to the world. And they continue to give their followers more of themselves through their content.
HANDLE: @lifewithmamak 
Followers: 14.2K+ 
After posting pictures around town and casually sharing aspects of her life on Instagram, Neda Khalilian took the plunge into the blogging world three years ago. Before she knew it, she organically developed a following, not only in Southlake but around the globe. Posting lifestyle content featuring topics ranging from skin care and beauty tips to family moments and empowering stories, Neda enjoys opening up to her followers to build connections, curating a community along the way. No matter the topic, Neda’s relatable pictures and approachable demeanor remains consistent. 
“By no means do I live a glamorous one; however, I do give an authentic, non-sugar coated look into what it’s like to be a mom in today’s world,” Neda says. 
After scrolling through pictures of her minimalistic chic outfits made out of staples in her closet and videos of cooking with her kids, followers will start to feel like they know Neda on a deeper level. 
NEDA’S INFLUENCER TIP: You need to show up in front of your audience every single day. 
HANDLE: @kathrynscorner 
Followers: 14.6K+ 
While fashion has been a constant for Kathryn Prager, her busy lifestyle kept her from following that passion. But after surviving the 2017 Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas, Kathryn’s perspective forever changed. She decided she would live every day like it was a gift, left any fears in the past and decided to start her influencer journey. 
Now Kathryn has built a following thanks to her bubbly posts, focusing on seasonal style trends, local eateries, travel destinations and everything in between. She prides herself on helping others craft quality fashion moments for their everyday lives, whether they need a look for a girls night out, a luncheon or a day filled with social-distanced sightseeing. While her go-to aesthetic is casual chic, Kathryn aspires to show women that when they feel good in what they are wearing, they can conquer anything. 
“At the end of the day, I want women just like me to come to my corner of social media and leave better than they started,” Kathryn says. 
KATHRYN’S INFLUENCER TIP: Just get started because that is by far the hardest part. 
HANDLE: @mcontemporanea 
Followers: 14.5K+ 
Before she started blogging, Rory Lassanske couldn’t find good resources for bilingual and bicultural Latina moms. So she decided to be that resource, creating her blog Mamá Contemporánea for families like hers. Launching her blog in 2008 and joining Instagram in 2010, Rory is also on TikTok and recently joined Clubhouse. A VenezuelanAmerican mom of two living in Southlake, Rory’s content is around 70% Spanish and 30% English. A natural storyteller, she loves to share her point of view, recommend things to do in the area and highlight different products. 
“I love to document things to do in DFW, where to go, what to eat and cool products that really work,” Rory says. 
Whether she’s blogging about her favorite things or sharing her life as a bicultural Latina mom, Rory is open and genuine. 
“My style is minimalistic but about me and my audience,” Rory says. “It’s important for me to keep the cultural angle.” 
RORY’S INFLUENCER TIP: Always be yourself and original. 
HANDLE: @sloanes.table 
Followers: 3.8K+ 
Recent college graduate Sloane Papa was originally skeptical to start her influencer journey because of the stigma around blogging. But after finishing her last term and seeing the decline of job opportunities in her field, she realized that creating a blog and dedicated Instagram would allow her to start a full-time business. Now she showcases her food photography and recipe development to her followers, all while treating her blog as a portfolio for potential clients. 
“I try to be creative with the concepts and flavors of my recipes, as well as provide clear and thorough instructions for readers,” Sloane says. “In my blog posts, I explain some of the science behind baking and lay out all of my tips and tricks that will help readers replicate the recipe with success. On Instagram, I also share tips and resources on original recipe development and food writing for aspiring food bloggers.” 
Her light and bright minimalist photography makes for satisfying photos that keep her followers engaged. And while her shots of gorgeous pies, macarons and souffles may look intimidating, Slone shows everyone how they can find their place at the table. 
SLOANE’S INFLUENCER TIP: No matter what you blog about, at its very core, it should serve as a solution to someone’s problem.
HANDLE: @susanmissimo 
Followers: 3.8K+ 
After taking a hiking trip last August in Colorado with her girlfriends, Sue Missimo came home inspired and ready for her next adventure. With her youngest daughter headed off to college, Sue reignited her passion for fashion and started her blog. 
With a degree in fashion and design and a minor in business, Sue applies her practical knowledge to her blog and her Instagram account. Sharing her perspectives on the latest fashion and home decor trends, both Sue and her blog are approachable and fun. 
“I am very open-minded with putting together different combinations for all types of budgets,” Sue says. “My aim is to empower others to be confident in pursuing their best fashionable life, and to help them be the best version of themselves.” 
Whether she’s sharing budget-friendly fashion or home decor ideas, Sue is set out to inspire others and spread positivity. 
“I want to inspire creativity in fashion, design and lifestyle,” she says. 
SUE’S INFLUENCER TIP: Be patient in building your brand.
HANDLE: @laurenleahnel 
Followers: 28.2K+ 
Originally starting in 2011, Lauren Nelson immersed herself in the world of blogging — she attended conferences and taught herself coding among other things. When she married her boyfriend, she put her blog on hiatus. But it wasn’t long before it called to her again. Lauren picked up blogging again, with an emphasis on Instagram, after the birth of her third child and hasn’t looked back. 
“The ability to express yourself creatively is ultimately why I started blogging,” Lauren says. 
A lifestyle blogger, Lauren shares her perspective on everything from parenting and motherhood to food and fashion. 
“I get very excited about the process of working with a company to showcase their product in an innovative way that stays in line with who I am, who my followers are and who the company is,” Lauren says. 
A relatively new Southlake resident, Lauren is having a blast exploring the city and blogging to her heart’s desire. 
“I’m lighthearted, and I generally want to provide a little laugh for someone once a day,” Lauren says. 
LAUREN’S INFLUENCER TIP: Look at yourself from someone else’s eyes. Why would you follow yourself?
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March 3, 2021
4:00 AM
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