Luzerne and Lackawanna counties launch online survey on traffic congestion

Residents and commuters in Luzerne and Lackawanna counties are being asked to share their observations on traffic congestion in an online survey, Luzerne County Planning/Zoning Executive Director Matthew Jones announced Friday.

The Lackawanna-Luzerne Transportation Study Metropolitan Planning Organization is seeking the public insight for its development of a new congestion management process aimed at identifying the most congested corridors and intersections and evaluating potential solutions to improve safety and traffic flow, Jones said.

The survey will remain open through Feb. 9 at

“We know that data can tell a story, but our region’s residents and travelers are the ones who can affirm that story,” Jones said in a release. “It is important for those who live and work in the region to share their ideas for where and how best to address traffic congestion.”

The survey can be completed on a computer, laptop or smartphone, he said.

It includes an interactive map allowing the public to mark and annotate areas of concern.

One question asks survey takers to select the top five causes of traffic congestion on the roads they traverse, with selection options that include poor road design/layout, behavior of drivers, inefficient traffic signal timing, road construction/maintenance activities, accidents and road incidents, high traffic volume and parking challenges.

Survey participants also are asked to rate the region’s traffic congestion, state their primary mode of transportation and whether they have flexibility in adjusting commute times.

Another survey section seeks input on the top three strategies that should be implemented to reduce travel congestion. The options include: dedicated turning lanes, signal coordination, commuter programs, improved public transportation and timely traveler information.

Survey participants have the option to state their age, home zip code and provide an email address to stay involved.

Factors that may impact potential strategies include travel demand, roadway capacity and land use management, Jones said.

County planning department staffers are leading the project, in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and technical consultants from Michael Baker International, he said. An advisory committee of transportation agencies, municipal government representatives and other regional stakeholder groups also is involved.

Anyone who requires special assistance or those without access to the internet may request printed copies by contacting Jonathan Shaw at or by calling 570-825-1563 in Luzerne County or 570-963-6400 ext. 1354 in Lackawanna County.

The joint-county Metropolitan Planning Organization, or MPO, determines how all federal and state highway/bridge funds are allocated and is staffed by the Lackawanna County Department of Planning and Economic Development and the Luzerne County Department of Planning and Zoning. It meets publicly four times annually.

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