More than 32,000 fans attend Messi match against FC Dallas at Cotton Bowl

Soccer superstar Lionel Messi and Inter Miami are in North Texas for a game against FC Dallas.

Only one player in the world could draw a crowd of tens of thousands on a dreary Monday night.

“Messi, that’s the only reason why,” said Brennon Larson of Fort Worth. “I grew up watching him since I was like six, so I love him pretty much.”

Messi made his Dallas debut at the Cotton Bowl in front of adoring and adorable fans, like friends Noah Valdivia, 10, and Gustavo Garza, 11.

“This is my childhood dream. I’ve been watching him on TV since I was born,” said Garza. “He’s always been my favorite player of all time and my inspiration,” said Valdivia.

Monday’s match was held at the Cotton Bowl instead of FC Dallas’s home field in Frisco because a third-party promoter put it on. It was a pre-season game with zero consequence, but that didn’t stop 32,211 fans from attending.

Vaniya Sims made the trip from Little Rock for her front-row seat.

“Dallas is already one of my favorite cities, and the fact that Messi is on Miami, and he came down here and he’s playing, so that’s a good opportunity to see him,” Sais Sims.

Since no one knows when or if Messi will ever return to Dallas, it was perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the biggest sports star on the planet.

Messi played in Frisco back in August. Inter Miami won that game.

Monday, FC Dallas brought home the win with a score of one to zero.


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