Updated Luzerne County April 23 primary election results posted

The latest unofficial Luzerne County April 23 primary election results have been posted on the main page at luzernecounty.org.

This update includes write-in results and paper ballots that have been added during the county election board’s adjudication since the last public posting at 3 p.m. on April 30.

These results also reflect an added vote in the tight Republican race for state representative in the 117th District, as reported earlier this week in the Times Leader.

An election board majority had accepted this mail ballot vote for incumbent Michael Cabell because approximately one-third of the bubble next to Cabell’s name was shaded.

Cabell’s opponent, Jamie Walsh, said the voter intent was not clear because the majority of the shading was in the blank space between the bubbles for both candidates. No shading was in Walsh’s bubble.

This added vote decreased the vote gap separating Walsh and Cabell from four to three, with Walsh receiving 4,728 votes and Cabell logging 4,725, the update said.

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