2024 Dallas Cowboys schedule expected to be released on Wednesday, May 15th

As football fans much of what we do, how we live,and when we schedule things revolves around the game we love and more specifically the team that holds our affection. You have likely made some sort of radical adjustment in your life to accommodate a Dallas Cowboys game. We all have done it.

Given the intensity of football fandom it can be a frustrating thing when someone asks you in May about fall plans if you do not know the schedule. Never fear, my friend. We finally know when we are going to know the schedule! Bookmark next Wednesday, May the 15th.

We will find out when the Cowboys will play all 17 of their regular season games in 2024 next Wednesday. In case you do not know, we know who the Cowboys will play (more on that in a moment), but the ‘when’ can really be a big deal. Dallas travels to face the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants and Washington Commanders on an annual basis. Going to those places is a very different thing in October than it is in December or January as just one example.

Next week will give us our answers but until then speculate as you wish. We’ve already published one prediction for the final schedule. Here are all of this season’s opponents for the Cowboys.

Since the NFL adopted a 17-game regular season in 2021 the conferences have taken turns hosting that extra game. The NFC gets it in even years which means there will be nine regular season games at AT&T Stadium next season, five of them against playoff teams from a season ago.


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