Confidence in the Cowboys craters, fans wanted a house-cleaning

This has been a very tough week for fans of the Dallas Cowboys. The blowout loss to the Green Bay Packers in the Wild Card round was not the result most expected, and it has brought up some intense feelings among the fanbase. The franchise has once again taken what felt like a ripe opportunity in the playoffs and crashed out in the worst way. It wasn’t like the game against the Packers was even competitive.

After the game, there was speculation about the job security of Mike McCarthy. There were also howls about the defense of Dan Quinn and whether he should even stay if he doesn’t get a head coaching job elsewhere.

All of this turmoil led us to ask you how you were feeling about the team. As we were taking our survey, the Cowboys decided to bring back McCarthy, and are going to keep Quinn unless he leaves on his own volition. Still, the results were pretty clear.

First, we asked if you have confidence in the direction of the team. Before last week’s loss that number had climbed all the way back to 88%. Now, it’s at 12%.

We also got your views on keeping or firing Mike McCarthy. Cowboys fans overwhelmingly wanted to fire the coach despite Jerry Jones’ decision.

Most Cowboys fans wanted a house-cleaning and to also get rid of Quinn. As of the time of publication, the Cowboys still do not have this situation fully resolved.

Suffice it to say, the fanbase is unhappy.

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