Confidence in the Cowboys rebounds, almost all think they win the NFC East

The Dallas Cowboys halted their two-game losing streak last week when they won a controversial decision over the Detroit Lions. That win proved to be very consequential after the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the Arizona Cardinals.

Not only did the win give Dallas control over the NFC East when combined with the Eagles loss, it also gave them the tiebreak over the Lions for the number two seed in the NFC playoffs. All Dallas needs now is to beat the Washington Commanders on Sunday.

We have been tracking fan confidence in the direction of the team all year. A week ago, after the loss to the Miami Dolphins, fan confidence had plummeted all the way down to 29%. But the win over the Lions has boosted that number back to 70%.

Given the Cowboys newfound control over the NFC East, we wanted to know how many fans thought they would beat the Commanders this week and win the NFC East. Cowboys fans are very confident going into the game as 95% of respondents in our poll feel the Cowboys will win the NFC East on Sunday.

We’ll see what happens, but if the Cowboys do win, they will set themselves up nicely for a run at the Conference Championship game.

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