Cowboys became the first #2 seed in NFL history to lose to a #7 seed in the playoffs

The Dallas Cowboys were humiliated on Sunday afternoon in their season-ending loss to the Green Bay Packers. It is truly difficult to believe how they managed to fall apart in such spectacular fashion.

Unfortunately losing in the playoffs means that your season is over which is the case for the Cowboys. Dallas became the first home team to drop a playoff game this season as the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs both took care of business on Saturday, but the embarrassment does not stop there.

The Dallas Cowboys became the first #2 seed to ever lose to a #7 seed Wild Card team in NFL history.

It may feel like the NFL has had three Wild Card teams in each conference forever now, but the reality is that 2023 was only the third season in which this was the case. Under the old rules the Cowboys would have had a bye along with the San Francisco 49ers as the #2 seed in the NFC, but again circumstances changed prior to the 2021 season. And you know what? In that time no third Wild Card (aka the #7 seed) had ever won a playoff game.

That all changed on Sunday.

For the first time ever a #2 seed has lost a Wild Card game and the Dallas Cowboys have the distinct honor of it being them.



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