Cowboys draft: Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones, Mike McCarthy discuss Tyler Guyton selection

The Dallas Cowboys had quite the night during the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft. After moving back five spots and collecting an additional third-round pick, the Cowboys grabbed who they hope is their left tackle of the future in Oklahoma OT Tyler Guyton.

Following the nights events Jerry and Stephen Jones, along side head coach Mike McCarthy, met with the collective media to discuss the night that was Round 1.

Cowboys discuss Round 1 of 2024 NFL Draft

The night was a success by all accounts. The team got a tackle like they had hoped they would, and were able to gain an addition draft pick to do so. They trusted their board when they decided to move and due to the fact that they had four guys left at the time they went on the clock, and felt good about falling back as a result, says Stephen.

McCarthy echoed the same sentiment and was excited about the player more than anything,

Jerry summed it up in a way only he knows how to by stating, “This is a sexy pick for an offensive lineman, because he’s got a lot of upside.”

When given a chance to further elaborate on the new addition, McCarthy’s quick to point out Guyton’s athletic traits as a huge plus.

While the move to drop down and risk losing Guyton, and anyone else they may have coveted, was a bit of a gamble, it was something Jerry seemed to embrace as he knew what it meant for the rest of the draft for the team.

The move was a strategic one, as the team understood they had a huge gap between pick 87 and their next one at 174, and the idea of picking up a third-round pick to just move five spots felt too good to pass up for Stephen and Co.

In addition to the value, it’s clear what the teams plans for Guyton are as they see him being their LT of the future.

It’s clear the Cowboys decision makers are very happy with the way the night unfolded, and now they feel like they have a piece in place on the offensive line to grow with for years to come. Now with the rest of the draft ahead of them, one could wonder just what next is up their sleeves.


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