Cowboys fans believe the team were winners in the draft, but trail other fanbases in their conviction

We are roughly a week removed from the end of the 2024 NFL Draft. The major milestone event is the last chance for teams to significantly improve their roster for the upcoming season and hitting or missing in the event can set a franchise’s direction for years to come.

The Dallas Cowboys are recognized as a team that drafts very well despite the misfire that seems to be the 2023 draft. Because of that, plus the team’s unwillingness to invest in free agency, put enormous pressure on the franchise to do the 2024 draft right or face having a roster that is losing talent.

The Cowboys draft elicited a mixed-bag of responses with some thinking they had done very well, specifically on certain picks. Others were not so sure. The draft grades immediately after the event were all over the board. Obviously we won’t really know how the draft class is for a few years, but we’re going to speculate nonetheless.

That speculation included the opinion of the Cowboys fanbase. We recently asked the simple question of whether the Cowboys were winners or losers after the draft. The vote was 73% in favor of being winners.

Initially that may look like an overwhelming number. But this same question was asked at the SB Nation sites for all 32 teams. It turns out that Cowboys fans are lower in their confidence than most fanbases. The only fanbase that voted their team as ‘losers’ were the Atlanta Falcons. Oh that Michael Penix pick will be one that is long remembered.

But of all the other 31 fanbases that went with ‘winner’ as the answer, only two (Cleveland and Jacksonville) had a lower positive vote tally than Dallas. The likely culprit? The Cowboys not coming away with a rookie running back.

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