Cowboys fans give high marks for the team’s performance on Day 1 of the draft

The Dallas Cowboys offseason has been one of inactivity and a seemingly unclear plan. Needless to say, fans of the team have been very vocal in their displeasure with the exodus of free agents, and the trickle of incoming players. The disparity hasn’t gone unnoticed and Jerry Jones’ very unfortunate ‘all-in’ comment only added fuel to the bonfire.

The Cowboys franchise needed a bit of good news. Maybe the Jones family didn’t care about all the negativity, but the mental health of the fanbase was at stake. They needed something good to happen, and the draft was the best place for that. We seemingly have success.

The Cowboys traded back from pick 24 to pick 29 while picking up a third-round pick (and shipping out a 2025 seventh-rounder). They then drafted Tyler Guyton, a player many had them taking at pick 24 anyway. Yes, there is the question of taking Graham Barton at 24, but getting Guyton and an additional Day 2 pick seems to have swayed the Cowboys, and the masses.

After the pick, we asked you to grade how the Cowboys had done. The overwhelming answer is they did well.

The majority response (47%) was an ‘A’ grade while the overwhelming majority of fans, 89%, gave it an ‘A’ or a ‘B’.

We still don’t know how Tyler Guyton will be as a player, but it appears the Cowboys played this one right on Day 1. Now, they just need the pick to be a long-term left tackle for the team.

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