Cowboys favored in overwhelming majority of 2024 games after schedule release

On Wednesday, the NFL released its schedule for the upcoming season, and once that happened so many things took off in an official capacity. Every team’s opponents were known the moment that the 2023 regular season ended, but the formality of each team’s path being officially constructed always feels like peeling the plastic off of your new phone. It is for real now.

You can argue that this is because of weather or games following byes, the intricacies of the schedule are fascinating and can be taken a number of different ways. With it now announced, oddsmakers have taken it upon themselves to release lines for each and every single game and the way that our friends at DraftKings have the Dallas Cowboys looking is pretty nice.

As mentioned we are going off of the odds at DraftKings which you can access here.

(Odds from Thursday morning (5/16) and are subject to change)

Here are the Cowboys’ odds in all but one game for the upcoming season.

For some reason DraftKings does not have odds listed for the Cowboys/49ers game, but it feels safe to assume that Dallas will be an underdog in that game. At least they would be right now and any path towards them not being one is hard to determine at the moment.

Assuming that as the case, then the Cowboys are only underdogs in three of their games for the season with the other two being the opener on the road against the Cleveland Browns and the penultimate game of the regular season on the road against the Eagles.

To be honest, that checks out from a smell test perspective. They disappointed wildly in the playoffs last year obviously, but Dallas did finish as the #2 seed in the NFC. It goes without saying that they lost talent throughout the offseason, but as far as who the teams are right now it feels fair to give them a benefit of the doubt from a betting perspective until the season starts to show itself.

The markets believe only six teams are better than the Cowboys based on this overall measurement and three of them are on the schedule. Thankfully two of them are teams from the opposing conference in the Ravens and Bengals, and the other is a team that Dallas is right about even with.

Much of this will change as the season goes on, heck even before then what with training camp and all of that jazz. But for now the oddsmakers like the Cowboys this season.


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