Cowboys may have DeMarcus Lawrence and Zack Martin’s replacements waiting in the wings

Both Zack Martin and DeMarcus Lawrence joined the Dallas Cowboys as part of their 2014 draft class and are now the two longest-tenured players with the organization. Unfortunately, they are also both entering a contract year in 2024 and may be playing their last and final season with America’s Team.

There’s a very real possibility 2024 could be a swan song season for both Martin and Lawrence. Due to their age and the money it would take to re-sign both or either of them, it’s possible their future in Dallas does not extend beyond this season. It’s truly unfortunate we may be saying goodbye to them, but that is part of the business.

Further evidence two of their cornerstone players could be playing their last season with the Cowboys was highlighted with the selections of EDGE Marshawn Kneeland in the second-round (56th overall) and the versatile offensive lineman out of Kansas State, Cooper Beebe, with the first of their two third-round draft picks (73rd overall).

In Marshawn Kneeland and Cooper Beebe, the Cowboys could very well have the heir apparent for both DeMarcus Lawrence and Zack Martin now waiting in the wings. It would be quite a stretch to claim either of these rookies will have the same type of success as two of the best to ever play for Dallas, but they could be their replacements nonetheless.

Surprisingly enough, Marshawn Kneeland (6’3″, 267) is somewhat similar as a player as DeMarcus Lawrence. He is a big, physical EDGE player who is tenacious as a run defender with upside as a pass rusher as he continues to develop. Also like Lawrence, he plays with a nonstop motor, the effort in which he plays is relentless down after down.

As far as Zack Martin’s potential replacement is concerned, the Cowboys could actually have a few options currently on the roster. First of which could be Cooper Beebe, depending on how things pan out at center. He may have primarily played LG during his time at Kansas State, but his experience/mental makeup should easily translate to the right side.

Believe it or not, but Cooper Beebe also compares pretty favorably to Zack Martin, much like Marshawn Kneeland does to DeMarcus Lawrence. Coincidence?

If not Cooper Beebe, there’s also T.J. Bass, Nathan Thomas, and Asim Richards who could also be viewed as potential Zack Martin replacements. Bass and Richards both played as rookies last year and showed potential. And Thomas has all the tools to become a future starter if he can overcome the injuries that plagued him in college.

Whatever ends up being the case, it is encouraging to see the Cowboys planning for the future, even if they are going to have to part ways with two of the very best to wear the star. It’s going to be really interesting to see how all of this plays out and definitely makes monitoring Kneeland and Beebe this year all the more intriguing.


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