Cowboys Micah Parsons omitted from Players Association All-Pro team

As diehard fans of the Dallas Cowboys, we watch our team attentively, sometimes almost too attentively. Yet, no matter what team you root for, the cream always rises to the top as some players stand out, even among the best in the NFL. So it is puzzling that Micah Parson’s peers did not recognize him as just that.

Tom Pelissero revealed who the NFL players selected in their second-annual All-Pro team. At edge rusher, the players named Cleveland Brown Myles Garrett, and Las Vegas Raider Maxx Crosby as their selections. Both of those players are among the top in the game, but you can make a case for Parsons over either.

Take Garrett for example. Parsons had the same number of sacks as Garrett (14) but had 22 more tackles. Sure, that could be splitting the atom a tad. However, when you look at ESPN’s pass rush win rate, you’ll find Parsons edges out Garrett by a 35% win rate versus 30% by Garrett and more total pass rush wins despite being double-teamed at a higher rate. In fact, no one gets double-teamed more than Parsons on the pass rush. Given what we can see below, they should create a special triple-team category for Parsons.

If you watch the clip above, three Commanders are essentially zone blocking Parsons. This left DeMarcus Lawrence in a one-on-one that used a stunt to get him free. Lawrence runs right by one of the guys watching Parsons and causes the interception. This is the havoc Parsons generates even when not getting near the passer. There is so much more to his game than just his stats.

It’s also important to note that this list is the players vote, and are independent of the All-Pro selections of the Pro Football Writers of America. Parsons has made their first-team All-Pro team in his first two seasons, and has been named to a third consecutive Pro Bowl earlier this season.


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