Cowboys news: The many parallels between Tony Romo’s and Dak Prescott’s careers

Why Dak Prescott has become the Cowboys’ new Tony Romo – ESPN, Todd Archer

He was supposed to be the shift, not the continuation. Not a happy read, but an important one.

FRISCO, Texas — The career arcs of Dak Prescott and Tony Romo have become so similar they have essentially become the same Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

Each showed outstanding regular-season success but left lingering questions in the playoffs.

They share a beloved underdog narrative: Romo as an undrafted free agent, Prescott as a fourth-round pick. They were selected for multiple Pro Bowls. They set team records. They used the power of their position with “America’s Team” to become household names.

But neither has done what Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman did by winning Super Bowls, which ties Prescott and Romo together even more.

Romo had a 2-4 playoff record. Prescott’s stands at 2-5 after Sunday’s 48-32 demolition by the Green Bay Packers in the wild-card round.

Romo had three chances to advance to an NFC Championship Game (2007, 2009, 2014) and never got there. Prescott’s chance at a fourth try was wiped out by the Packers after missed chances in 2016, 2018 and 2022.

McCarthy details meetings with Jerry, Dak after loss – Dallas, Nick Harris

Think some stipulations were put on next season?

FRISCO, Texas — It’s been meeting week for head coach Mike McCarthy this week after Sunday afternoon’s playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers, as he met with all of his players throughout the week and owner and general manager Jerry Jones on Wednesday to wrap up the 2023 season and look ahead to an offseason that is expected to have a lot of change.

In his meeting with Jones – one that McCarthy said lasted over three hours – topics discussed included the disappointment of the ending of the season along with the future with

“We went the whole course,” McCarthy said. “Went back through things we felt may have factored. The disappointment component had a lot of layers to it, so we went through all of those layers. Then, we talked about personnel and coaches and everything involved. Business affairs. It was a long, productive conversation.”

The two were able to meet one-on-one at The Star as each challenged each other on the future of what the team will look like from a coaching and roster perspective – especially with so much uncertainty hanging in the balance with a number of free agents and the future of defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

Winners and Losers After Cowboys Keep Mike McCarthy Following NFL Playoff Loss – Bleacher Report, Gaven Davenport

Don’t know if we’ll see so many prime coaches on the market at once again.

Winner: Other Teams Shopping for a Head Coach

Unless you believe that Mike McCarthy would have been the best head coaching candidate in the 2024 cycle, then his staying put has to be viewed as a win for every team looking for a head coach in the 2024 cycle.

It’s a good thing for the Atlanta Falcons. And the Carolina Panthers. And the Las Vegas Raiders. And the Los Angeles Chargers. And the Seattle Seahawks. And the Tennessee Titans. And the Washington Commanders. Simply put, the Cowboys are a much more appealing job opening than any of those teams. Only the Chargers have stability at quarterback, and the team around Justin Herbert pales next to the roster around Dak Prescott.

Now, Bill Belichick won’t be eyeing becoming the first coach to win a Super Bowl with multiple teams. Jim Harbaugh won’t be tempted by the allure of the Star. The Cowboys won’t get Mike Vrabel’s stability and professionalism or Ben Johnson’s youth and potential.

Cowboys Michael Gallup has a big day versus Packers, leaving the question of his 2024 season open for now – BloggingTheBoys, Mike Poland

One of the many decisions being weighed in Jerry Jones’ office.

One of the teams biggest plays of the game last week in terms of yards and momentum shift came from Gallup, when he made a massive 42-yard reception off a well executed route. Gallup finished the game only behind CeeDee Lamb by a handful of yards (110 to 103), on a day when Lamb had fallen victim to the Cowboys playoffs curse and spent much of the first half with very little production. Gallup completed the game with 103 yards catching six receptions off six targets, more yards than Jake Ferguson (93).

Gallup will be entering next season at the age of 28 with two years left on his contract and a cap hit of little under $14 million. He’s now given a hint that if the team wants to make him relevant again, he can possibly be that guy. He had a huge playoff game, only to be overshadowed by the poor result.

It was unclear what the Cowboys’ plans around Gallup going forward were going to be heading into a new season, but his last performance may have altered the way they see him.

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