Cowboys news: Tyler Guyton ‘couldn’t be in a better situation’ than Dallas

Cowboys rookie LT Tyler Guyton: ‘I couldn’t be in a better situation, honestly’ – Jon Machota, The Athletic

Tyler Guyton is feeling right at home in Dallas in a short amount of time.

Dak Prescott is one of the players Guyton has been watching. The Cowboys franchise quarterback had high praise for Guyton and the rookie class Wednesday, saying it’s the best he’s been around.

“Just how smart they are,” Prescott said. “Them understanding the attention to details, following the old guys, asking questions, not being hesitant. A lot of times you get rookies come in, eyes are down. This group walks around, head up, looking to engage in conversation, looking to learn. It starts with Guyton, honestly. Leader of that group, first pick. And he’s done a great job as the rest of them have of coming in, having a great offseason, making sure they hit training camp full speed.”

There are six weeks until the Cowboys report to Oxnard, Calif., for the start of training camp. Between now and then, Guyton plans to stay in the area and continue working out with offensive line expert Duke Manyweather. That’s the plan for several of Dallas’ offensive linemen.

“I’m just following in the footsteps of the guys ahead of me and figuring it all out,” Guyton said. “I definitely feel like (that work) will transfer. They work hand in hand together. He has good techniques over there.”

Guyton said he feels fortunate that the Cowboys offensive line room has “welcomed me with open arms.”

“Every guy in the room helps out the rookies,” he added. “That’s pretty rare, I’ve heard. I couldn’t be in a better situation, honestly.”

Cowboys players, coaches are all in. It’s time for Jerry and Stephen Jones to do the same – David Moore, Dallas Morning News

The Cowboys’ front office has built a good team in Dallas, but they’re lacking in some areas.

The players have been working together at The Star for weeks―with a couple of high-profile exceptions―to lay the groundwork for the upcoming season.

The coaching staff has completed its offensive and defensive installations as the Cowboys strive to build on the success of the previous three seasons.

Now, it’s time for Jerry and Stephen Jones to step up and do their part.

Past time.

It’s one thing to drag your heels in negotiations. It’s another to dig a line in the sand so deep it becomes difficult to cross.

Fiscal responsibility is essential in today’s NFL, but it can’t be used as an excuse. It can’t be allowed to threaten the culture and fortunes of a young, successful team.

That’s irresponsible.

This is where the Cowboys teeter a little more than six weeks before the charter leaves for Southern California. You can understand the reluctance on the part of Jerry and Stephen Jones to shower coaches and players with riches in the aftermath of the Green Bay debacle.

Juanyeh ‘extremely explosive’, high bar set for 2024 – Patrik Walker,

Juanyeh Thomas is looking to build off a very promising 2023 campaign.

Anyone paying attention to how the Dallas Cowboys’ roster is constructed knows it’s one flooded with talented young players, and Juanyeh Thomas has made sure to not only stand out amongst them, but to also show that, when given the chance, he can be more than just a capable defensive player in this league.

As his 2023 film readily confesses, Thomas is a starter in the making.

Having spent the entirety of his rookie season in 2022 on the team’s practice squad with the goal of developing for whenever, if ever his number was called, his hard work and humility paid off in spades when head coach Mike McCarthy and then defensive coordinator Dan Quinn looked to him in stretches as a Year 2 talent — on one of the best defenses in the league.

As he heads into Year 3, the expectations are much different than they were for him 12 months ago, however, but that’s precisely what he’s been working toward over the last two seasons:

More and higher expectations

“I have a chance to really expand my role and touch up on things that I really didn’t get right last year,” said the former undrafted free agent in an exclusive interview with team reporter Nicole Hutchison. “So having an opportunity in my third year, it’s really a chance to up my role and show what I can do in Year 3, for real.”

Cowboys Minicamp: Jalen Tolbert’s starting role might be in jeopardy ahead of training camp – Mauricio Rodriguez, AtoZ Sports

Jalen Tolbert is primed to take the WR 3 role, but Jalen Brooks is working to make that more difficult to achieve.

Although we didn’t learn nearly as much as we wanted during the Dallas Cowboys 2024 mandatory minicamp, we did find out there’s a high-stakes battle going on that we weren’t really in tune with.

Ahead of OTAs and minicamp, we already had plenty of roster battles on our radar: We knew Cooper Beebe would face some competition from Brock Hoffman and others to start at center. We were aware about Trey Lance having a shot at debunking Cooper Rush from QB2. So on and so forth.

But the moment the Cowboys cut Michael Gallup back in March, the WR3 role seemed like it had an owner: Jalen Tolbert.

When the Cowboys flirted with the idea of signing Zay Jones, it was interpreted by many as nothing but an attempt to purchase an insurance policy in case Tolbert didn’t take the jump they’re betting on. Fast forward to June, however, and it’s starting to sound like Tolbert will need to put up a fight to remain a starter.

That’s because of Jalen Brooks, the second-year wide receiver the Cowboys drafted in the seventh round of the 2023 NFL Draft. Brooks seems to be ready to graduate from training camp highlight reel to legitimate weapon for the Cowboys.

He’s turned heads at practice with multiple reporters pointing him out as a standout. Bobby Belt from 105.3 The Fan posted on Twitter/X that he liked him over Tolbert at WR3 at the moment. Early in OTAs, Jess Nevarez from the team’s official podcast network hinted at Tolbert having to earn the job as a result of Brooks’ play.

Spagnola: Getting CeeDee Signed Is Complicated – Mickey Spagnola,

Dallas has played the waiting game when it comes to signing CeeDee Lamb to an extension.

The Cowboys incentive to get CeeDee signed to a long-term deal is two-fold. Look, no dispute, he is one of the most, if not the most talented receivers in the NFL. Everyone wants one of those guys, and for sure they are not easily replaced. And at this point the Cowboys couldn’t even come close to doing so as currently constructed.

Second, signing CeeDee to a long-term deal, meaning able to prorate that huge signing bonus over the course of the four to five years, gives them the opportunity to significantly lower his 2024 salary cap charge, thus creating more cap space. But think about this. The Cowboys with 86 players on the 90-man allotted roster, with four open spots (keep an eye on UFL players), are under the NFL salary cap max for the top 51 salaried players of $255.4 million, with an adjusted cap of $260.4 million with $10-$12 million to spare.

Not ideal enough space to fund an entire season, but still doable considering they already are absorbing Dak Prescott’s $55.4 million cap hit, DeMarcus Lawrence’s $20.4 million, CeeDee’s $17.9 million and Zack Martin’s $15.5 million, along with $21.37 million in dead money according to spotrac.

NFC rookies picked after NFL Draft Day 1 who could earn key roles in 2024: Cooper Beebe among 16 sleepers – Chris Trapasso, CBSSports

Trapasso thinks Beebe has the skill set and natural talent to shine as a rookie.

IOL Cooper Beebe

Drafted: No. 73, third round

Impressive stat to know: 39 pressures allowed across 1,488 pass-blocking snaps at Kansas State

The Cowboys lost longtime center Tyler Biadasz in the mass Dan Quinn-led exodus from Dallas to Washington. While Beebe was a right tackle and left guard during an illustrious career at Kansas State, his move closer to the ball is continuing in the pros, as he’ll now snap the ball to Dak Prescott.

He’ll be one of the bigger, more powerful pivots in the game as he earns his stripes inside, and center is probably the ideal spot for him in the NFL because Beebe isn’t a dancing bear athletically. The angles and leverage games? That’s where he thrives.

Randy Gregory sues NFL, Broncos over fines for THC use – Mike Florio, PFT

Gregory is suing the NFL and the Broncos, arguing that he needs THC to treat social-anxiety disorder and PTSD, but that he’s been fined by the team (and the NFL) despite the substance being legal under Colorado law.

The situation dates back to March 2023. Gregory allegedly attempted to get an accommodation from the team and the league, but his requests were denied. The fines have been imposed from March 6, 2023, through the filing of the complaint on June 5, 2024.

Although the league does the fining, Gregory contends that the Broncos — as his employer — had a duty to accommodate his disabilities. And he makes a good point; teams can’t just hide behind league rules if those rules result in teams breaking state or local law.

The bigger question is whether Gregory has the power to bring the lawsuit in court. The NFL and the Broncos surely will argue that the case should be resolved under the procedures set for in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.


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