Cowboys Reacts Divisional Round: Should Jerry Jones blow things up in Dallas?

We are in a holding pattern. Ever since the Dallas Cowboys got crushed by the Green Bay Packers in the Wild Card Round of the playoffs, the Cowboys fanbase has been wondering what Jerry Jones would do. Much of that speculation has centered around head coach Mike McCarthy, and a little bit on defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

The situation with McCarthy is mainly about his ability to take the Cowboys further in the playoffs. His three consecutive 12-win seasons have brought some stability to the organization, but he was also supposed to be the coach to get the team back to the conference championship/Super Bowl. Obviously that hasn’t happened so is he the coach for the Cowboys future? We may find out something on that by the weekend, but we wanted your opinion first.

The coaching issues have also spilled over to Dan Quinn. The Packers embarrassed Quinn’s defense and there was a strong feeling that Quinn did not adjust in that game. The Cowboys defense still does some things very well, but they are subject to blowouts like the 49ers, Bills and Packers accomplished. So we wanted to get your take on Quinn, too.

Vote in the poll then hit the comments and let us know your reasons.

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