Cowboys Reacts Survey: Dallas contract extensions with Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb still waiting to happen

The Dallas Cowboys came into this offseason knowing that quarterback Dak Prescott and wide receiver CeeDee Lamb were going into their final year of their current contracts. Early on there was an expectation that the team would make a move on one of these to bring down the cap hit for this season in order to make room for some free agents. We saw how that went.

It was especially curious given Prescott’s $55 million cap hit for 2024. The expansion of the salary cap played a role allowing Dallas to get add a couple of low cost free agents while absorbing Prescott’s cap hit. But that inaction inevitably led to the idea of whether Dallas actually intends to re-sign Prescott or let him hit the open market in 2025. After all, pre-free agency would have been the ideal time to re-do the contract if you were going to do it. The Cowboys are saying all the right things about eventually getting a contract done, but so far there is no movement.

Then there is CeeDee Lamb. This one feels like a no-brainer. Lamb has turned into one of the elite receivers in the league and has been durable. There is nothing but positives in keeping Lamb around, but the Cowboys are dragging their feet on this one while other teams are locking up their top receivers. Surely the Cowboys have no plans of letting Lamb hit free agency, but the lack of urgency in signing him to a new deal is curious.

So what say you BTB? We ask two questions below. Will Dak Prescott get a new contract before the regular season and will CeeDee Lamb get a new contract before the regular season? Vote in the poll and then hit the comments with your reasons for your vote.

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