Cowboys were only home team to lose in Wild Card Round, second time in three years

It is unlikely that the passage of 24 hours made you any less angry about the Dallas Cowboys collapsing against the Green Bay Packers, ending their season on about the worst possible note imaginable. They say that time heals all wounds and maybe a little bit more will help, but right now things look rather bleak for Cowboys faithful.

Such is the case because the way that Dallas lost was so embarrassing. The Cowboys were never in their game against the Packers for starters, but the details of the loss are astounding. Consider that they became the first team to ever lose to a #7 seed (this has only been possible for three seasons now but still) and that they are now the first team to win at least 12 games in three consecutive seasons without appearing in a single conference championship game.

The jokes write themselves and now they are even repeating themselves.

For the second time in three seasons the Dallas Cowboys were the ONLY home team to lose in the Wild Card Round.

Obviously the Cowboys defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the night cap of last year’s Wild Card festivities, but this time around the Bucs were able to emerge victorious and thankfully so given that they were playing the Philadelphia Eagles (misery loves company).

But as Tampa took care of business in front of their home fans they became the fifth team of the playoff round to successfully defend home turf. The only one that floundered in that effort was the one who bragged the most about their home field advantage in the Dallas Cowboys.

This is the second time in three seasons as the Cowboys lost to the San Francisco 49ers (for the first time) in the Wild Card Round two years ago. That particular Wild Card Round saw Dallas as the only home team to lose as well.

Twice in three seasons.



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