Dallas Cowboys are 1-point underdogs to the Cleveland Browns in Week 1

The Dallas Cowboys 2024 season will start on the road, and it will be a challenging game for the good guys. Their opponent will be the Cleveland Browns, a team that made the playoffs last year and have a roster that could give the Cowboys fits.

The Cowboys are in the midst of an offseason that has seen a significant amount of starting talent, and role players, leave the team in free agency. Dallas did very little in free agency to replace those players, instead counting on draft picks and young players already on the roster to pick up the slack. It’s a risky strategy but one the Cowboys have committed to so far.

The Browns have a couple of players we should take note of as we look ahead to the game. One is Myles Garrett, who will likely spend a lot of time testing the Cowboys new left tackle, rookie draft pick Tyler Guyton. Assuming Guyton wins the role to start the season, he will have his hands full trying to protect Dak Prescott from Garrett.

The other player is Amari Cooper. If the Cowboys had to do it all over again, Cooper would probably be wearing a star in this game. But such is life. Cooper will likely want to show the Cowboys what they are missing.

Heading into the game, the Cleveland Browns are one-point favorites according to our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook. That’s not too bad for Dallas considering the home team usually gets around three points for that distinction. The Cowboys are a hard team to predict at this point given the large changes to the roster this offseason.

What’s your call BTB? Should the Cowboys be underdogs? If so, by how much?


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