Dallas Cowboys last won the Super Bowl on this day 28 years ago

Today is January 28th. The year is 2024.

If you are caught up on your Dallas Cowboys history then you know what today is; however, given that it has been so long you will not be faulted for having no idea what we are talking about.

Super Bowl XXX was played on this day 28 years ago. That was the last time that the Dallas Cowboys won, or even appeared in, the Super Bowl.

It is strange to think that it has been so long. The Cowboys happened to win Super Bowl XXVIII (aka 28) and at the time it was their seventh appearance and fourth title in franchise history. Consider that in the 28 years since the title they won two years later that they have not even appeared in the NFC Championship Game.

Perhaps it is appropriate that this particular Sunday is indeed Conference Championship Sunday as it is the ground that has eluded the franchise for almost three decades. This short offseason has made it feel like the streak is surely going to hit 29 years, but there is a whole lot of time to go before we know the answer to that.

Happy Anniversary.


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