Dallas Cowboys roster: ‘Nothing imminent’ on Stephon Gilmore regarding Ezekiel Elliott changing number

Stop the presses. We have breaking news.

This week has been full of that, hasn’t it? Before the sun came up on the Monday following the 2024 NFL Draft the Dallas Cowboys had established themselves as the center of NFL discussion what with their decision to bring back running back Ezekiel Elliott. Time really is a flat circle.

Since then the move has become official, Elliott has spoken as a new-look member of the team and the running back was even photographed partaking in football-related activities with the squad.

In the photos in question Zeke was wearing his customary number 21 which lined up with the idea that he would be taking it back. Elliott obviously wore 21 throughout his entire career with the team, but with him not a part of the group last year it was available and worn by veteran cornerback Stephon Gilmore.

Wednesday brought news that Elliott is switching to number 15 (more on that in a moment) which made some fans wonder whether or not a return for Gilmore was imminent. According to Michael Gehlken of The Dallas Morning News, that is not the case.

It seemed like the Cowboys. made their veteran cornerback decision earlier in the offseason when they brought back Jourdan Lewis. This isn’t to say that both Gilmore and J-Lew couldn’t have returned to the team in 2024, but matters felt rather settled. Add in that Dallas spent a fifth-round draft pick last week on Caelen Carson out of Wake Forest and suddenly the cornerback room is rather crowded. A return for Gilmore felt unlikely, but this whole number thing made people wonder as mentioned.

The number thing in question is indeed a result of Elliott’s decision to change. It was initially reported that he would take 21 back, but he wore 15 at The Ohio State University and in his first tweet after the Cowboys released him last year made mention of wanting to get it (as in the number) back. Running backs were not allowed to wear the number 15 when Zeke was drafted and the rules changed while he has been in the NFL. He wore it with New England last season and will seemingly wear it in Dallas in his second act.

You can see that 15’s previous holder, Trey Lance, is switching numbers as a result of everything. Lance will now wear number 19.

If you were hoping to dust off your old number 21 Ezekiel Elliott jersey with him now back on the team you can do so, but it will technically be incorrect. The sales machine will be running soon enough with people getting a new version that sports number 15. America’s Team and all that jazz.


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