Despite projected 2025 compensatory picks, Cowboys do not trade much future Day 3 capital

The future is not predictable. But for so much of this offseason we have all kept our eyes on the great beyond in one very specific way. That the Dallas Cowboys allowed so many of their own free agents to walk was frustrating, but in some way we could hang our hat on the idea that they were going to receive compensatory picks as a result of it down the line.

Nothing is guaranteed about future compensatory picks, but it stands to reason that the Cowboys will do everything that they can to avoid compromising the formula given the road they have taken to this point. has the Cowboys qualifying for five comp picks next year.

NFL policy limits comp picks to four a year, and even then you may not get them all under the formula they use to distribute a total of 32 picks. But, the Cowboys certainly could qualify for three to four next year.

Living in this non-guaranteed reality, it stood to reason that Dallas would operate during the 2024 NFL Draft (which is now over) with this pseudo ammunition at their disposal. Breaking this down more simply, many fans thought that the team would deal their future Day 3 selections based on the assumption that they would recoup them by way of compensatory picks, so to speak.

Now to be fair the Cowboys did send their 2025 seventh-round pick to the Detroit Lions in the deal that saw them (Dallas) move down in the first round. The Cowboys sent that pick to Detroit and receive number 73 this year which became Cooper Beebe. Totally worth it.

Perhaps the board did not fall in a way to where the Cowboys felt the need to be aggressive, but they seemingly could have been if they wanted to.

Odds are they are happy with the way their draft went anyway.


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