NFL insider says Dak Prescott ‘still on track for big money’ despite playoff loss

All signs point to it so we better prepare ourselves. A massive Dak Prescott extension seems inevitable this offseason.

This is a subject that we touched on earlier this week, when the body of the 2023 season was not even cold yet, as Prescott was one of the worst performers on the team in the Wild Card Round loss to the Green Bay Packers. At this point the sample size of Prescott’s playoff career is large enough to draw a legitimate takeaway, and the numbers mostly do not speak in his favor.

The TL;DR of the situation is that Prescott has a salary cap number of ~$60M this offseason. No matter how you feel about him, the reality of that number is that it is not tenable for the team to do much in terms of roster-building. Prescott has a no-trade clause in his contract so the Cowboys do not control the ability to trade him away (meaning Dak has leverage). He also has a no-tag clause which means even if the team rides things out as they currently stand, they risk watching him walk away for absolutely no compensation in 2025 (perhaps you are fine dealing with that, but again that serves as leverage for the quarterback).

All signs point in the same direction which is something that NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport noted on Saturday morning ahead of the Divisional Round games. He mentioned that Prescott is “still on track for big money.”

“Prescott has an almost $60M cap hit coming in the 2024 season, the final year of his deal. This was set up for Prescott to get a contract extension before free agency. My understanding is those talks are still expected to happen, everything is still on track. Clearly and obviously the franchise quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. It’s really just about making the numbers work after the awful, awful result in the playoffs. Prescott, still on track for big money.”

It is true that Prescott played at an MVP level throughout the course of the regular season, but the playoffs were damaging to everyone involved in a way that they aren’t always. The Cowboys are on the precipice of truly running things back with all major parties holding the posts that they had which feels like the definition of insanity as people often cite it.

Hurry up and get ready. The Dak Prescott extension is one of the more probable guarantees of this offseason.


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