Open thread: Are you excited for the new EA Sports College Football 25 video game?

You obviously love football. That is why you are here. Namely, you love the Dallas Cowboys.

I’ve always said that the best part about Blogging The Boys is the community and that the Cowboys tie us all together. Obviously we are all different people and come from different places and have different interests but that one bond unites us.

For the purposes of today’s open thread we are curious about other elements of your football fandom. I assume that on some level you enjoy college football and for those of you that do there is a percentage that may have enjoyed playing the old NCAA video games in the past.

If you somehow did not know, the game is returning and doing so this summer with a release date of July 19th. Friday brought the game’s reveal trailer and it is quite nostalgic with regards to the old games.

Many people grew up with these games and therefore have a special place in their heart for them. Seeing them back and as an available option is quite the thrill and if you watch the trailer all of the pageantry of college football is on display.

Today we want to know… will you be getting the game? Either for yourself or for someone else? We are all doing what we can to make it to training camp for the Cowboys and this game will help that last 10 days or so before it starts be somewhat more tolerable.


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